Three old ladies and a creepy old man

“Remaining open doesn’t mean you’re indecisive. It’s about making a conscious decision to invest time in exploration. It’s not that you can’t make up your mind, it’s about not making a decision too early!” ~ Unknown –

Sometimes, however, it’s at great inconvenience to others…” Me!

On Wednesday after completing my morning nursery run with the toddler grandson, I drove down to the local garden centre. I had a purpose in mind, mainly Bonfire Night, but more about that shortly.

Inside the building, I smelt the coffee and my focus immediately shifted to my stomach.

In the restaurant, I leaned over to collect my tray and was shoved out of the way and overtaken by an elderly lady, well, three of them.

I let it go and waited patiently behind them while they made up their minds whether to have coffee and what type etc or should it be a cup of tea, scones or toasted tea cakes.

Still feeling mildly irritated by an earlier event, my patience soon lapsed and I began to simmer with annoyance at the amount of time it was taking for these three not so sweet old dears to come to a simple decision.

I knew exactly what I was having, Latte and a small English, a breakfast order that took seconds to place.

Sitting at my table, I sipped my coffee and became aware of a man blatantly staring at me, I was about to move to another table when my breakfast arrived. Shortly afterwards, the man left his table and came over to mine, He told me my breakfast looked lovely and began to stroke my shoulders. I remained seated and simply said thank you.

Thank you!! Why was I so polite, why didn’t I say, please don’t touch me, was I really so worried about causing offence?

Anyway, let’s get back to the purpose of my garden centre visit. It’s Bonfire Night this weekend in the UK, but as it falls on Sunday this year our usual family celebration will take place on Saturday night.

These days, most people enjoy organised bonfire events with magnificent firework displays,  private bonfires parties are becoming less popular. My family, on the other hand, have always done our own thing and this weekend the family tradition will continue, but more about that in tomorrow’s blog offering.

Walking out of the restaurant, I became distracted by Christmas music and the delightful Christmas decorations that were already on display and it was only the 1st November!

Further on and I finally reached my goal, The firework stall. This is why I came here today, I came to purchase my contribution towards the family Bonfire party.







And here it is, my contribution to the family firework display, plus extra long sparklers for the youngsters.

Until Tomorrow then …  And all about Bonfire Night!


© Sue 2017 – In response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Simmer

11 thoughts on “Three old ladies and a creepy old man

  1. That wasn’t me Sue, I would’ve tapped you on the shoulder Sue and said, “Oh wow, It’s really you Sue, ..I’m Ivor.. you know, that old bloke from Geelong” and then proceeded to hug you like we’d been friends forever !! Hope you have a great bonfire night…

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  2. gc

    I think Susan that groping another person (male or female) is an affront to that person and could be considered assault.

    Sometimes seniors get out of line and hope that younger folks will forgive them their inappropriate peccadilloes.

    Entitlement affords them the luxury of pushy, inexplicable behavior.

    I once offered my place in an express line at the market to a little old lady with a few items she had purchased.

    My act of chivalry earned me the opportunity to watch her pay for her items using the nickels, dimes and quarters she had squirrel in her shopping bag.

    The whole transaction took over five minutes in an express line.

    It was an effrontery to be sure. Live and learn.

    That one woman’s actions did not dissuade me from being courteous to others

    I am sorry that these women and that groping old man upset your outing.

    Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

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