The Bane of my life

I wish common sense was more common!”~ Unknown

Van drivers have become the bane of my life of late, I swear they really have. Those involved in ‘Home Improvements’ appear to be the worst. Driveways are blocked, street parking taken up and junctions are obscured.

Last week I had a moan about a van driver abusing the parent and child parking area at a supermarket.

Today,  my complaint is a similar one, one about another van driver who was visiting the school that is next door to my grandson’s nursery.

Immediately after I pulled into a parking bay, whilst I was answering my phone, this van driver reversed his large vehicle into the bay next to mine, in an area that is reserved for nursery parking. The driver parked within the white lines but because my car is a big one and his vehicle was wide; despite appearances, it left me with very little space to unfasten my 23 month old grandson from his car seat and lift him out of the car, and believe you me, we had something of a struggle!

man with a van

Why the driver didn’t use one of the vacant bays reserved for the school is a mystery,  or failing that, why not use one of the empty bays further along from me?

van spaces© Sue 2017   – Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Mystery’

7 thoughts on “The Bane of my life

  1. gc

    You exhibited remarkable patience. Many times I am tempted to deflate the air from the offenders tires and leave a note on the windshield reading: “Thanks for forcing me to not only deflate your tire but your ego as well.” Sign the note :concerned citizen”.

    I hate those inconsiderate drivers who have the whole bloody parking lot to park and yet choose to park next to my vehicle because it looks non threatening.

    I think these folks leave their common sense in the trunk of the car and their courteous selves in the glove box.

    Thanks for sharing Susan. 🙂

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