The Yorkshire Witch

Far away in Yorkshire, in the land of puddings, hills, and dales, nestles a tiny little cottage where visitors cannot tell tales.

cottage and witch

A witch lives here who loves to cook, but always from her special book.

Witches book

And when she’s angry she’ll use a spell, so my advice is run like hell! Ducks have been turned to pewter and squirrels into stone!

Squirrel and ducks

In her cauldron, rounded and black, the witch cook ups a special snack!

witch and cauldron

Green human soup  made from rotting flesh and occasionally even almost fresh

green lime

Louts and sprouts with chopped up roots are stirred into the brew

carrots and sprouts

Rounded fish heads are kept on ice to add more flavour to the stew


Dry bone biscuits laced in salt add that something extra 


Skeleton lamps will light the way and beckon all travellers to come and stay


No meal of hers would be complete without out a glass or two of red and even tastier and fruitier when it’s taken from the dead!


Beware the Yorkshire Witchery and little signs of trickery or you may find yourself under my little spell of bewitchery!

All photographs used today are my own. Capturing the little witch was a virtual Halloween treat!

  © Sue 2017  – Linked to the Word-prompt ‘Ghoulish and loosly linked to the ‘Photo challenge ‘Rounded’

11 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Witch

  1. gc

    I wonder if the witch has a yen for Yorkshire pudding. It might mellow her mood swings and even expand her culinary experiences? Love the photos Susan. Trick or treat dear? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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