Name and Shame (or take a photo)

“Things that confront us, dumbfound us, and even irritate us, are not sent to try us, but are sent to teach us.” ~ Jennifer Gayle –  Really, honestly?

A local supermarket carpark has recently been re-surfaced. The parking bays have been re-painted with more of the bays allocated to the disabled community. This is all very admirable, except for the fact that many of the bays remain empty. At the same time, the very few parent and child spaces remain full throughout the day.

Its beginning to look as though the management here didn’t do their homework!

Paretn and toddler parkingThis morning at the supermarket I was both surprised and irritated to see a man with a van parking his vehicle in a bay reserved for Parents and Toddlers. I became even more annoyed when I realised who the man was and that the toddler was his fifteen year old son!

I shouldn’t have been surprised,  I know this man, he lives on the outskirts of my village.

I taught computing to each of his three sons and whenever this man brought the boys to school, he would repeatedly park in a disabled spot, a no parking area, the staff only section or block someone’s exit.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” ~ Howard Roark

The arrogance and selfishness of this man, whom I shall name as Mr K, beggars belief.

Given a choice we would all prefer to park our vehicles nearer to the building and in a wider bay, but these parking bays are reserved for a very good reason. Attempting to lift a toddler out of the car or transferring a baby seat into a trolley is nigh impossible if you’re unable to open the door wide enough because you’re parked in one of the normal  bays.

I was all set to take a photograph of the ghastly offence until my son, embarrassed by his mother’s photographic zeal, stepped in and  threatened to disown me. And seeing as we were in his car, I didn’t relish the idea of walking home, so I reluctantly complied with his wishes… this time! red car

© Sue 2017  In response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Prefer



12 thoughts on “Name and Shame (or take a photo)

      1. Oh I don’t know about that Peter; a couple of days ago a small bump in the village between two cars seemed to muster up four police cars and six policemen. Must have been a quiet day at the office!

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  1. gc

    Bravo Susan. You are a prime example of a concerned citizen taking action. You should try writing your local newspaper and get their projects staff do write an OP. Ed. or feature article on the issue.

    Sometimes store owners become overzealous and want to do the best they can for a minority who does not use the parking stall facilities.

    Mothers who need to extract and extrude squirming and fidgety youngsters from their vehicles are just as physically handicapped as a person doing battle with a wheel chair.

    Great article Susan. Thanks for sharing and possibly attracting interest in this social over sight. 🙂

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    1. I felt as though I’d morphed into you Gerry when I wrote this one, it’s more your kind of article than mine. Thank you for your comments and the good advice which I think I will take and follow through.🙂

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  2. I’m afraid those inconsiderate few need to taught, rather than be tolerated. Maybe they could have special parking bays marked for them.. “People Who Are Inconsiderate And Arrogant Only”…….. I wonder If they would use the, hehehe….

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