There’s a moose a loose aboot this hoose

“The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.”  ~ Robert Burns.  And if there’s a dog involved, don’t expect anything less!

Did you know all a mouse needs to gain entry into your home is a tiny pencil width hole?

Scared of mice pic

This week, my friend told me the tale of his unwanted visitors, the long-tailed fellows, the scurrying sort that cause some of us to jump onto the nearest chair!

He also told me about the creepy sound of a poison dish, the gentle scraping sound it made as it was being nudged around a linoleum floor.

I would imagine that as you lie hidden under your duvet listening to this, you must hope that they really are mice and not something larger, such as the extra long-tailed variety… rats!!!

Talk about Déjà vu, a couple of months ago he had the same problem and on that occasion he dealt with the infestation, and then filled in the offending gaps around the pipework. I wonder, does one mouse count as an infestation?

His story reminded me that some years ago I had an unfortunate encounter with several mice. (Unfortunately for the mice)
Housewife cookingThere I was, in the kitchen, humming away to myself as I cooked breakfast for the masses (my family), when suddenly from under the skirting board came several baby mice, though perhaps more toddler size than baby.

Watching them un-flatten as they came out from under the skirting board was something of an eye opener.

Unfortunately for the infant mice, our border Collie, who was also in the kitchen, began to move with a speed hitherto unseen. Quick as a flash she pounced and snapped her jaws on the head of each mouse. Each one was killed instantly and without a single mark. It has to be the most humane execution ever witnessed and one I don’t expect to see ever again!

Footnote: Skirting board is a wooden board covering the joint formed by the wall and the floor.

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8 thoughts on “There’s a moose a loose aboot this hoose

    1. Thank you Peter. I meant to clarify the skirting board but I forgot!

      Rats… Oh don’t get me started, we had them five years ago. I moved into a hotel until they’d gone. I enjoyed my stay too!
      The rats found a way in through a gap next to a waste water outlet. For some reason they decided to throw a party in the loft, I expected them falling through the ceiling at any moment, so one night with them was more than enough.

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