Feathers and Wool

Free Speech 2


“Don’t keep all those feelings sheltered – express them. Don’t let life ever shut you up.” ~ Dr Steve Maraboli


Expressiveness comes in many forms; what we say and what we do. Today it’s the turn of God’s creatures to express their feelings on certain matters.

In the first video making their feelings clear is shown by what they do, whereas the second video shows another set of God’s own, choosing to express their thoughts on a rainy afternoon by keeping eerily quiet and strangely still.



The first video was filmed earlier today during my morning walk around the Tarn (a local lake). The second was filmed during the afternoon when I spotted the sheep from my kitchen window, all of them looking like stone statues and clearly avoiding facing the direction the rain was coming from.

© Sue W-nansfarm.net 2017  In response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Express’

cricket free speech

4 thoughts on “Feathers and Wool

    1. Yes, where would I be without my moisturiser?
      As for the sheep, when the rain blows in from the west they line up under those trees across the field. Today was so weird, the way most stood like statues all facing the same way! The swans were being fed by a little boy throwing bread for them. And some can not wait their turn! Thanks Peter.

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