Self Satisfaction

“It’s hard to be satisfied with life, if you’re never satisfied with yourself!” ~ author unknown

It’s another one of those days, a day where I feel decidedly unsettled. There’s something missing, a void that needs to be filled.

I’m uncertain where I want to be, or what I want to do. Perhaps I need a new project, something to keep my mind occupied.

My late husband once remarked that I was never satisfied. I couldn’t argue with his comments because they were true.

For me, satisfaction is usually short-lived before the inevitable dissatisfaction creeps in. I am afflicted by itchy feet, though not in a hobo way. Searching for the illusive and striving for ways to improve has become the norm.

For instance, take my profile picture, it is forever changing as I constantly seek a level of perfection and I’m rarely satisfied with the way I look, call me vain if you must as I  pick up on how the camera angle shows a dark shadow under my eye, my double chin or the lines around my mouth. Unfortunately, I cannot help it, I’m never satisfied with me.

Leaving my bedroom without a backward glance toward my bed is a rare occurrence, I’m not satisfied unless the pillows are plumped and neat and the duvet is lying pristine without a crease. Bed image

Within a week or so of buying a piece of furniture I find fault with it.  Where possible I move things around, furniture and ornaments, nothing stays put for very long.

In a moment I will PUBLISH  my article whilst knowing full well that within a couple of hours I shall return to it and by the end of the day I may have re-edited several times!

Update: Prior to publication of this completed article,  I opened a thank you gift from the third daughter and her partner. Now being aware of my penchant for gadgets and love of technology, their choice of gift is perfect, so, for the remainder of this day, I shall reap a deal of satisfaction coupled with a certain amount of joy and will ascend to happy heights as I occupy myself with my new toy!

Alexa Echo Dot

© Sue October 2017 Article linked to daily word-prompt ‘Ascend


16 thoughts on “Self Satisfaction

  1. I love gadgets, as well. I feel certain you will enjoy Alexa. There’s nothing wrong with striving for self-satisfaction as I am the same way. I have come to the realization that I can be satisfied with the perfectly imperfect. 😉

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