Superficial Nonsense

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right!” ~ Unknown

I looked at the sky and thought of pie. I looked at the pie and asked myself why? Why does an onion make me cry?

I looked at my toes as I pulled on the hose and wondered why there were five. Why not six or seven or eight? 

I looked at the river and felt a shiver, and asked where does the water go? 

I looked at the train running down the track and asked, what time are you coming back?Rabbit in a hat 2



I looked at the rabbit with an awful habit and asked, why are you sat in my hat?

I looked at the rain as it fell on the pane and asked why are you so wet?

I looked at the sun when its rays had begun and asked, why are you so hot?

I looked at the leaves as they fell off the trees and asked, why do you make me feel sad? 

AutumnI looked at my whistle, and thought this is all superficial,  shall I shout out Time?

© 2017 Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Superficial

4 thoughts on “Superficial Nonsense

  1. Oh, I love this!

    …..and I can’t help but sum up this superficial nonsense:

    The pie in the sky made you think why
    are those toes in the hose up your nose?
    The river and shiver made you think whither
    the rain on the pane often goes!
    The bunny and hat don’t know where you sat
    when the sun in your eyes made you mad.
    But the passing of time and a good glass of wine
    will cure most things, especially when sad!

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