The Car Spa


I’m thinking of changing my car to an estate version, because when it comes to car cleaning day it looks like it might be the best option!

As it was it cost me £7.00 and considering how much work went into removing the mud and debris it was worth every penny. Next time I might even treat the car to an interior clean.

My usual car wash has recently closed down to make way for an M &S  food outlet, so when driving past this one I thought I’d give it a try.

There must have been a dozen or so men working on what amounts to a production line, a very efficient conveyor belt.

Whoever came up with the idea of a multiman car wash is an absolute genius. Well done to him… or her!IMG_4515

© In response to the Daily word-prompt ‘genius’

6 thoughts on “The Car Spa

    1. Yes, all ours are too. The one that closed recently was run by guys from Kosovo. One of them told me recently that he and his wife had lived here for eighteen years and their three children were born here. They were very worried about what would happen to them. They are so such grafters too. The car wash today was just outside Ilkley and they were cleaning eight cars at the same time with a queue waiting. I’m happy to do the inside of my car but seeing as I can’t reach the roof I’d rather pay to have someone do it.

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      1. The Boy Scouts used to run a monthly one of those outside the community centre but not seen that happen for many years.

        My car was still sporting the mud from the trip to Nidderdale show so was well overdue for some TLC. Thanks Ivor.

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