I don’t have a pig!

There is no denying this, I wake up far too early, I have one of those brains that kick starts itself at six am and refuses to go back to sleep.

I knew it was going to be one of those miserable rainy days when at six am I spilt my coffee.

I was carrying out my usual morning routine, sat in bed, coffee in one hand and the iPad propped up on my bent knees. Suddenly the iPad began to slide off my knees toward the edge of the bed, instinctively my hand reached out to catch it, but I was still holding the coffee cup, a now empty cup with its contents splattered over my light cream bedroom carpet!

I’m helping out this week and by nine fifteen, I’ve already taken Lizzy’s little one to nursery and  the son-in-law has been deposited at the train station. Back at Lizzy’s house, I’ve brought breakfast and I’m here to help clean and prepare for tomorrow.

Lizzy is expecting her second baby, but there are problems and tomorrow she will go into hospital to give birth earlier than expected to her premature baby. Today, we clean and discuss tiny baby clothes and check lists.

It’s almost lunchtime and I’m at the garden centre to collect a bag of kindling and a sack of kiln dried logs. I have logs at home in the store, but the ones today are the neat ones, the ones used for show, the ones that stack neatly under the stove, my log ornaments, the ones that trigger log envy!

The next stop is the Blue Barn, this is where I purchase pet food and where in the past, I purchased animal feeds. Today I need a bag of wild bird seed and a sack of peanuts.the Blue barn

I pick up the bag of bird seed and ask for the peanuts, the girl behind the counter mumbles something, I assume she’s telling me the suppliers name. “Oh yes that’s fine.” I tell her. A young man carries the sack to my car.

On my way home I make a detour to the garage and fill my car with diesel. Next I make a second detour and call  at the cemetery with the flowers I purchased earlier with the pastry breakfast.

I arrange the flowers in the grave vase and I have my usual chat, I tell the hubby what is wrong and what is right, he doesn’t answer, but I’m used to that, I always had to repeat everything when he was alive.  The rain is getting heavier and I’m becoming wet, so I say goodbye and tell him I’ll be back in a fortnight.

Finally, I’m home and I begin to unload my car, I stare at the pink sack in the boot of the car,  and exclaim “PIG Food… I don’t have a pig!”pig

I return to the Blue Barn, the staff members are amused, the girl behind the counter says “I thought you asked for pig food, I didn’t realise you’d asked for peanuts!” She goes on to tell me that she’d asked if I wanted SOW and WEANER…  and that’s when I realised her mumbled question earlier was not the suppliers name after all!

“I like pigs, dogs look up to us, but pigs treat us like equals” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

The remainder of my day was equally hectic and equally wet. At four thirty I collected the little one from nursery and took him home. Later, at six o’clock, I returned to help with bath-time. On the way home I stopped off and bought wine.

At home the son and I ate from the freezer. The son, by the way, is my youngest and is between apartments, he came home for Christmas and never left, I think he’ll still be here this Christmas and maybe even the one after!

It’s just after eight pm, I have hurriedly completed this blog post and I’m looking forward to the wine.  Cheers everyone and goodnight!

© nansfarm.net 2017 Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Deny’

8 thoughts on “I don’t have a pig!

  1. Your story amused me greatly, “I always had to repeat everything when he was alive”, Haha, looks like you’ve acquired the same attention and listening problems !!

    Liked by 1 person

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