Almost a wash out

Monday morning and a glance out of the window at the pouring rain told me the day ahead was not going to be a good one.

The day followed an anniversary weekend, but there was nothing to celebrate. Plus, another unfortunate event had taken place the day before and that too had contributed to my wretched mood. All of which meant I’d begun the day with a gloomy outlook, even before I’d seen the rain.

And as the old farmer said… “Make sure your fences are horse high, pig tight and bull strong”.  Wise words, and ones I will take heed of from now on! 

Later my friend the vet sent a message “Have a good day at the show Sue, sorry I can’t be with you. Don’t worry about the weather, it’s going to clear up later.”

Sign Nidderdale showThe annual Nidderdale Show is a traditional Dales agricultural show and the one that marks the end of the season. Our retired vet, an old friend was meant to be accompanying me, but the week before, due to an unforseen circumstance he’d had to cancel. Selfishly, I’d looked forward to having his knowledge and expertise. Nonetheless, it was kind of him to wish me a good day.

Accompanying me instead was daughter Sophie and two-year old Evie, however, having found a split in one of my ancient Wellington boots, our first stop was to the nearby garden centre to pick up a new pair.

Pulling on my shiny blue boots, we set off on our journey into the Yorkshire Dales and onto Pateley Bridge where the Nidderdale show is held.

Nidderdale holds happy memories for me, many years ago I showed a cow for a farming friend and I won first prize. Well, actually the cow won the prize, and because of the last minute change of handler (me), the other farmers jokingly accused my farmer of cheating!


Normally, I welcome driving over the top of the dales, but today the fog and low cloud, coupled with the heavy rain, gave the landscape a bleak and desolate appearance which lowered my spirits even further.

Finally arriving at the show ground, a couple of parking stewards directed me away from the ground and up a hillside. “I can’t park up there in this weather.” I protested. A broad Yorkshire accent answered  “Git yer sen up there, yer in a 4X4!”

Feeling uneasy about driving up a soddened hillside in the pouring rain, I set off  up the hill. At the top I turned my vehicle around and parked up, moments later I realised I was a little close to the car that was parked in front. Attempting to reverse back up the hill proved impossible as my rear wheels churned up the mud. Normally, I would have broken into giggles about my predicament, today however, I wanted to cry and began to ask myself why I’d even come here in this appalling weather. I knew enough not to attempt further movement, so I abandoned the car and decided to seek help later in the form of a couple of handfuls of straw.

Soon after arriving it became apparent that my shower proof jacket was definitely not keeping me dry. A visit to the stall selling country attire soon fixed that and minutes later I was wearing a blue raincoat to match my shiny blue wellies, all I needed now was a hat!

Holding an umbrella whilst attempting to keep my camera dry, proved a little difficult but I managed one or two pics. For Granddaughter Evie, launching herself at the ground underfoot was a delightful treatEvie in the mud

IMG_4441Someone had the good sense to dry off this little calf and keep her warm with his jacket.


My favourite tent of the day was the ‘Cow shed’. I love the smell of cattle and I was also happy to be inside and out of the rain.

I took lots of photos in here but I think the short video gives more of a feel of the atmostphere. Apologies for the lack of  any decent skills in the cinematographer. 

By the time early afternoon arrived the rain had stopped but we’d seen all we needed and I for one was feeling tired and my normally happy disposition had remained throughout the day at an all time low.

Arriving back at the car my heart sank again when I remembered my earlier parking problems, however, fortune was on my side when the driver of the car in front returned and drove away! I said a silent prayer of thanks as I followed him down the hillside.

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6 thoughts on “Almost a wash out

  1. I’m happy you went to the show, rain hail or shine, My mum used to take me to all the country shows, and I still remember those glorious times, She bred Cocker Spaniels and used to show them. haha, I was the little boy you’d see at the show in the little dog cubical, being cuddled and licked by his two adorable canine friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ivor. I’m already looking forward to the season starting again in May.

      My husband was chairman of one of the shows and when he died, a month before show day, I was asked to take over some of his judging duties. The events for children were the worst, I thoroughly disliked having to choose a winner and vowed to never again be a judge!

      Liked by 1 person

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