Layering the Sustenance

Buttering my toast this morning reminded me of the layered photo challenge for this week.

The layer of seeded wholemeal slice became even more appetising once I’d added a layer of my ‘English Country Life Butter’ the lighter version of course.Layers Photo challenge 2Another layer was added and my breakfast meal was done.Layers Photo challenge 7Later it was lunchtime and prep had just begun.SONY DSCLayers Photo challenge 4Layers Photo challenge 6Layers of Leek, onion and garlic were added to my pan of broth each contributing that something extra to my simple lunch of soup.

And layers of strawberries for dessertLayers Photo challenge 5

Can you guess what this next picture is?Layers Photo challenge 3

© September 2017 – In response to the photo challenge Layers

Only the pure in heart can make a good soup!” ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven

Worries go down better with soup!”  ~ Jewish proverb


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