No Sympathy Here


The bell on the secure door entry system rings. Flo picks up the intercom. A man answers “I have a parcel for you.” Flo begins to worry, she can not see the front door from her kitchen, it could be anyone.

Flo feels nervous she doesn’t like being in the house on her own. She’s even frightened of her own faceless shadow.

Flo walks towards the door, she hesitates and enters the room nearest to the front door. The window has a reasonable view of the driveway and more importantly a glimpse of the outside door. She recognises the parcel man and breathes a sigh of relief.

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” ~John Wayne

Meanwhile the parcel man is becoming impatient, he’s annoyed that Flo is keeping him waiting and presses his finger against the door entry buzzer. He doesn’t know that Flo is frightened of faceless shadows and neither would he care, he has no sympathy.

Flo unlocks the two doors. The delivery man glares at her. He’s running late. “Sign here!”

dooe entry Video system cropped

Flo re-locks the two doors and opens her parcel. She picks up the telephone and as she dials a number she smiles. “It’s arrived, the door entry video system, when can you come over and fit it?”


This was edited and re-worked from my previous now dormant site and in response to the word-prompt ‘Sympathy’

4 thoughts on “No Sympathy Here

    1. Thank you Ivor. I have a couple of regular drivers who are very pleasant, but others can be most unfriendly, especially when my son has gone off with the door keys in his pocket and I have to hunt for spare keys!


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