Billy No-Mates, but not for long!

In response to the daily word-prompt ‘Priceless’

“If you want loyalty, get a dog. If you want loyalty and attention, get a smart dog.” ~

Sunday Morning

8.30am – I’m changing my sheets, though I’m unsure why I chose Sunday when I have all week to carry out this task.

A knock on the bedroom door – my son enters and announces “I’m going for a walk with Rachel around one of the reservoirs. No you can’t come, you’re not dressed and anyway it’s a long walk.”

“Absolutely Priceless.” I say to myself. “It seems I’m to be treated like a child and I hadn’t even asked to go with them.”

Texting the family – The idea of a walk is now in my head and I send a text message to daughters 3 and 4. “I’m going for a walk around the Tarn in approximately one hour if you’d like to come along.”

I omit daughters 1 and 2.  Daughter 1 is clearing up after a party and daughter 2 is having too much sun in Vegas!

Daughter 4 answers first, “Thanks anyway but we’re going down to the river this morning.”  A reply arrives from Daughter 3  “Oh sorry mum, but we’re having a lazy morning at home, thanks for asking.”

Having cleaned my car the day before, I can’t take Woody the beagle either.

I decide against inviting a friend, weekends are for families and I actually don’t mind walking on my own.

One hour later –  I’ve showered, the bedding is in the washing machine, the roast is in the oven and I arrive at the Tarn (a lake).

New Friends – Sunday morning is the most popular time for dog walking at the Tarn and today is no exception.


I put a smile on my face and cheerfully greet all I meet. I have my camera and on the excellent advice of my friend, I also clutch a handful of my newly created business cards, which also on his advice I hand out to the owners of  the dogs I meet.

I’ve included here the photographs of the four legged friends I met today.

Attempting to keep still when excited was difficult for a few, so perhaps not the best quality photos.  However, It was delightful to meet and fuss these lovely dogs and of course chat to their very friendly and obliging owners. What a pleasant morning.

I am no longer Billy No-Mates!







Many many thanks to the owners and their beautiful four-legged friends for allowing me to use these photographs.

© 2017

4 thoughts on “Billy No-Mates, but not for long!

    1. Not sure of his breed, but his eyes turned out as bright yellow, why? So, I did what anyone would do and repaired as best I could and this is what happened, eyes like a cat! I couldn’t not include him the owner had three in total!

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