This much I know about…the folly of valuing effort over outcomes

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This is one of my favorite and most informative Blogs on Education in the UK. . The post today was both informative and enlightening.

Re-blogged on and commented –  To my family, friends and colleagues who work  in Education. At the start of the new term Please take the time to read, listen and memorise John’s post today.

Also very informative for those not in education and well worth paying attention – Sue


I have been a teacher for 29 years, a Headteacher for 14 years and, at the age of 53, this much I know about the folly of valuing effort over outcomes.

What do we value most in teachers, effort or outcomes? I might be enveloped in a full-blown mid-life crisis, but I cannot see the point any more in doing anything at work which is not having a direct and weighty impact upon students’ learning. Listening to a Huntington School alumni, one Oliver Burkeman, on Radio 4 this week, I was reminded of Jo Facer’s brilliant blog on effective feedback and how, at Michaela School, there is a culture of doing what has most impact, not what the rest of the educational world expects. Consequently, Jo largely gave up marking and gives whole class feedback instead; her students learn more and she has her workload lightened.

In his new series…

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