A little quiet time, or not!


I’ve realised I have a hidden magnet. I attract conversation when I least want it. It’s often with very nice people, but there are times where I’d rather not have that particular conversation and  occasionally there are discussions I’d rather not take part in and questions I don’t want to answer.

For now though I’ll stick to the more light hearted.

Every few weeks or so I’m lucky enough to enjoy some me time, a period away from family and distractions, a time where I can catch up on show business gossip whilst reading Hello magazine and sit back and enjoy a morning coffee.

Suddenly, this happens…

Hairdresser conversations

Person – Are you going anywhere tonight?

Me – No

Person  – Are you doing anything nice this weekend?

Me –  No

Person – Are you going away on holiday?

Me – No

Person – Have you seen ??? (some film or other)

Me – No

Person – Have you read The girl on the train?

Me – (and I finally I get to answer a question positively, sort of.) –  Actually I’ve just started it.”

Person – Are you enjoying it?

Me –  I can’t get past the first two pages, I keep falling asleep!

Person – Oh!

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Written in response to the daily word prompt ‘Magnetic

14 thoughts on “A little quiet time, or not!

  1. I’ve had similar conversations. I guess when I’m willing to continue under such circumstances I either start asking my own questions or bring up what I can talk about. But of course if you don’t feel like talking, maybe that’s a good time to go to the bathroom and/or slip out.

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    1. Ah yes, the peaceful time we anticipated and looked forward to is suddenly shattered. I like your answer but often it’s not convenient (excuse the pun) to escape to the bathroom! Thank you for commenting it’s appreciated.

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  2. I’m an opposite, I have lots of me time here by my self, with my dog Lily, so I go to the pub on Thursdays to meet the crew, and have a chat, then after a few ales, none of us are listening too much, and the conversation turns whimsical……. but we all go home happy and content.

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  3. gc

    “The Girl on the Train” is a sleeper and not a keeper Susan. It is a sure cure for insomnia and truly not worth the money they charge.

    Initially the movie critics and the book PR releases made it sound like the book of the decade.

    It is a difficult story line to follow, the characters are droll and boring and the only respite from madness are the frequent date interjections informing the reader that another tedious section has been read.

    It is truly the type of book that Rip van Winkle must have started reading before he fell asleep for his 20 year sojourn.

    Other than that Susan do what I did and throw the Girl on the Train off the train.

    That type of train is in dire need of derailment.

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