The inhabitants of the car behind

Yes officer, I did see the ‘speed limit’ sign, I just didn’t see you!” ~ Unknown


No apologies for the jokes, I’m in that kind of mood, but maybe I should apologise for another re-blog,  (re-worked) from my now dormant site Facts and Fiction.

Fictional article published in response to the daily word-prompt ‘Inhabit

A Conversation

The Man: -“You need to go faster, you’re going too slow.”

The Woman: “I’m not driving slow I’m driving at the speed limit.”

A car speeds past on the outside lane.

The Man: “I said you were going too slow and now look, we’ve been overtaken by a car that’s even older than ours”

The Woman: “What’s the age of the car got to do with anything?”

The Man: “I’m just saying.”

The Woman: “Well, don’t say anything else, you’re beginning to annoy me.”

The car slows down for the traffic lights and they see a stationary car that a minute earlier had overtaken theirs.


The Woman: “It didn’t get very far did it?”

The man remained silent, the lights change and the cars move off.

The Woman: “I’m going to stop off at the convenience store that’s around the next bend, you needn’t come in, I’ll be quick.”

A few minutes later and the woman returns to the car and finds the man is sitting in the driving seat.

The woman: “What are you doing?”

The man: “If it’s all the same to you I’d like to get there before lunch, so I thought I’d do the driving.”

The woman gets into the passenger seat and slams the door behind her. A little further down the road she pushes her foot down onto an imaginary brake.

“The man laughs: “You don’t have a brake and we’re not going that fast!”

The woman: You’re already over the speed limit, please don’t go any faster.”

The man says nothing but slowly presses his foot down on the accelerator. Suddenly a white car sporting a blue flashing light draws up alongside them and the uniformed driver beckons them to pull over.

The Policeman: “Do you know what speed you were travelling at sir?”

The woman gets out of the car “You’re on your own for this mate, I’m off to catch a bus!”

THE END  © 2017speeding-ticket-funny


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