Ooh Ahh and Admire

The title of the W.P. photo challenge this week is ‘ Ooh Shiny‘ and the question asked is “What is guaranteed to distract you? What is your “Ooh, shiny?” !!

As someone who is often distracted I have a few  answers, but perhaps I’ll start with taking the Ooh Shiny title literally for my first two photographs.

A Jewellers shop window is a temptation that often proves hard to resist and I find it difficult not to stop and appreciate its offerings.  Jewellers shop window

My shimmering nails constantly catch my eye.Susan's New Nail ColourPassing the Stationary shop is also difficult, it’s an attraction that has a silent lure. It’s almost a requisite that I enter the premises to Ooh, Ahh and admire and I frequently come away clutching something I don’t need… but I might in the future! For the record, the computer shop is another that has a very similar appeal.Sationary shop windowI become easily distracted on my walk around the lake, often stopping to admire the ducks and their individual markings that sometimes make me smile.

The first one here appeared to have a face on its bill, while the second duck showed me colours under its wings that I didn’t realise were there.


Next has to be the village cricket match. “Ooh look a cricket match!” I exclaim. “Yes Mum, there’s one every weekend throughout the summer!” my son replies.  Actually, I do know this, I’ve lived here over forty years, but I still glance across to admire the sight of the cricketers on the pitch, all of them dressed in their cricket whites!  Football, by the way, does not have the same appeal!SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

Shop window photos curtesy of google. All others, writer’s own. © nansfarm.net 2017 

Article published in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Ooh Shiny!’


11 thoughts on “Ooh Ahh and Admire

  1. I am the rare British beast, a man who doesn’t even know the rules of football, let alone enjoy it! Probably due to the fact that being born and raised in the very underpopulated countryside, there were never any other boys around to kick a football. Not that I have ever owned one!

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    1. A refreshing change from the norm. Though no one in my house has been big on football either. I have a son who came from high school on his first day and remarked “Do you know, there are still boys that haven’t grown out of football! Fortunately for me he doesn’t read my blog!

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