I saw, I read and then I forgot

Beauty exists not in what is seen and remembered, but in what is seen and never forgotten.” ~ Jonathan Jenna.

SONY DSCThis week appears to be my week for copying quotes from my daily journal. When I first read the one above my initial thought was ‘What a super quote and it makes perfect sense.’

Regrettably, the more thought I gave to the quote the more complicated it became, until I couldn’t decide whether it actually made any sense after all. Then I asked myself the usual question, ‘Is it me?’  Surely if you remember it, then it must follow that you’ve not forgotten it!

So what did I do?  Well, by the next day I’d completely forgotten what I’d read and it was beginning to look as though the quote was not that memorable after all. Or is it simply that my memory is not quite as good as it once was?

Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for you, I take screen shots of just about everything, including the daily quotes!

Also very beautiful and somewhat grainy in appearance is ‘The Weeping Cross’ – A Grade two listed monument. The origins are obscure and ancient and although the exact age of the cross base is unknown, it certainly dates before the fourteenth century.

It is thought to have been used by pilgrims and penitents, hence the knee holes. There is no other such cross known to still exist in England. (information copied from the cross)SONY DSCPhotographs taken by me during a recent visit to Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire.   ©nansfarm.net 2017

Article written in response to the daily word-prompt ‘Grainy

Footnote: Coming soon.. More on the topic of Ripley Castle.

4 thoughts on “I saw, I read and then I forgot

    1. You are so right love, it does indeed make you wonder about things. Déjà vu? My theory – we are reliving the same life, a life we revisit several times until we get it right!
      I’ve had many moments of déjà vu lately and can’t help wondering if I’ll ever get it right, and perhaps more to the point, where am I going wrong? Thank you for your comments Gerry and as always they are appreciated. xx


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