Prickle rhymes with tickle


The word Prickle brings to mind the bonny little hedgehog, the spiny mammal native to the British Isles, and with prickly spines that become erect with the need to protect itself,  or when it feels threatened.

I have skin that prickles, but there are no sharp spines shooting out for all to see.

Prickle rhymes with tickle, but I think itch is a more appropriate word for me. An itch that attacks from time to time, an itch I scratch but am unable to cure. Crazy-Itch-

Apparently, it’s caused by stress,  something else that’s not tangible, cannot touch and cannot see.

Stress – irritation, agitation, pressure, anxiety, worry, tension and strain.

Is it contagious, transmittable or communicable? Can one person’s mind impact on another?

I’m certain there is a long answer to this, but for now I believe the short answer is a simple yes.

In response to the daily word-prompt ‘Prickle’ 


4 thoughts on “Prickle rhymes with tickle

  1. Not that is has anything to do with stress, apart from the fact that writing poetry reduces it!……….

    Roses have prickles, not thorns
    Feet have both bunions and corns
    My loyalty’s fickle
    but with the odd tickle
    I’m willing to accept all the norms!

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