A Cloak of Invisibility

Once I inadvertently spotted the first one, my mind became acutely awaremy eyes opened and I began to see.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~ Jonathan Swift

A simple stroll across the yard to dispose of  kitchen garbage, led to a number of textured finds that I wasn’t looking for.

I’d forgotten about the photo challenge and my mind was on other things.

The day had begun with a very early start that had followed an exceptionally late night.  

I’d finally finished clearing up after a long and noisy family lunch, the daughters with their children had waved their cheerful goodbyes and I was feeling tired. Disposing of the garbage bag was my final chore before a much needed and much wanted return to my bed.

Lowering the lid of the bin I turned around and saw it, I bent down to have a closer look and spoke outloud “What an unusual texture!” and then I remembered the photo challenge.


A Fungus Find

Returning with my camera, my find was immediately ‘snapped’. Absorbing my familar surroundings as though for the first time, I noticed other interesting textures that I pass but never see.


A Cobbled pathway leading to the bins


A  leaf devoid of life


An old stone wall complete with one of the oldest living organisms 


Concrete stuck to the side of the cement bucket


The old watering can


An old bench in need of TLC


The grandson’s discarded rugby ball that missed the bin!

Article published in response to the photo challenge ‘Texture

9 thoughts on “A Cloak of Invisibility

  1. gc

    Could you have discovered the missing Faberge egg Susan. That was my very first impression when I looked at that first photo. The texture and the acuteness of your photographic insight to capture such things is always amazing. Thank you. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A Faberge egg? Stranger things have happened I imagine! This particular one had smaller ones around it, I’ll show you the photo later. Thank you so much for your complimentary comments love, I always appreciate your input xx


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