An Early Morning Shimmer

Keep calm and walk the dog – as the saying goes. Alternatively, I could take up sailing or even fishing!

Yesterday, and again today, the early morning walk with Woody our family beagle was enjoyed at Yeadon Tarn.

The tarn is approximately a ten minute drive from my home and if you’re also into plane spotting, it’s an excellent location to get great views of the planes taking off and landing at the nearby airport.

On our leisurely walk around the water’s edge we met another beagle, which was a little unusual. We meet doggie varieties of every kind but very rarely another beagle, and after an interesting conversation with the owner I have a feeling we may be meeting again very soon.

Sid and Woody

We paused for a little while to talk to a couple of older gents who belonged to the model boat sailing club and I couldn’t help thinking I would enjoy this activity, controlling the boats looked fun. On the other hand  I may be a little young. Then I noticed there were no women amongst the group, apart of course from those obligatory ones serving refreshments!


A little later I stopped to share a joke or two with a couple of fishermen and found myself knee-deep in conversation about the amount of tackle needed for one day of fishing. I think I  must have the knack of sounding as though I’m interested and especially in fishing! In truth I enjoyed the conversation and the two fishermen were a pleasure to talk to. However,  as for my aspirations, I read there’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

Today was cloudy but there was still a little shimmer on the water and the lack of bright sunshine didn’t prevent the resident wildlife from enjoying the early morning swim and giving attention to the likes of me, especially my toes! Apologies for my informal comments, the video was originally intended for my friend to view!


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6 thoughts on “An Early Morning Shimmer

  1. emn

    What a peaceful stroll you took me on this morning. You really do live in a bit of paradise, don’t you?

    Yes, the old men and their boats look ripe for the join of a younger woman to stir up things up a bit! I would love to see you at the helm of a small vessel of your own!


  2. gc

    Good day love. Your friend does heartily approve of your wonderful videos. You are a potential cinematographer in the rough. Great work Susan. Thanks for sharing xx

    Liked by 1 person

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