The Lady is Fragrant

Orgaza body veil


Many years ago I overheard someone describe a person as fragrant – “The lady is fragrant.” I was quite taken with the phrase and knew immediately that it was going to be the new term with which to describe me.  I intended to be a fragrant lady!

All I can say is… I did my best!

However, I never forget to wear perfume. My favourite fragrance  being Organza by Givenchy, I have others, but always return to this one.Orgaza perfume

One day after making complimentary remarks about my fragrance, a friend re-named it Orgazma, and from that moment on, before I speak, I have to think carefully when asked “What perfume are you wearing?”  And my answer is always accompanied by a smile!


Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Fragrance

6 thoughts on “The Lady is Fragrant

  1. gc

    These days I am quite sure Susan that the ultimate goal of many perfume companies is to produce a scent that both the male and female nostril will readily identify as “Orgazma” ,,,,many times referred to as the Big O”.

    Fragrances are usually anchored in pleasurable moments when all the senses are involved.

    Mom’s fresh baked apple pie, the aroma of a fine and expensive wine and the smell of freshly made popcorn fills the nostrils and thrills the senses. It whets the palate and thrills and excites the senses.

    So why not the scent of an orgasm. There is intense emotion and interaction involved in lovemaking and a fragrance that can produce those sensations and feelings should be packaged and touted for public consumption.

    I am quite sure that the fragrance alluded to in your article “Orgazma” would be offered on Channel Number Nine if it were a television station.

    Good work love. xx

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