Food Rationing? Not On Your Nellie!

Ration bookDid you know that over half of the Enid Blyton ‘Famous Five’ books were written in the 1940s during food rationing in Britain? Having been a massive childhood fan of the Famous Five books I would never have believed it! 

Famous five picnic

Definitely no rationing here either at this delightful 1940’s style cafe in Otley Yorkshire

The Pink Teapot

Just three miles from my home is the little market town of Otley. It’s the place where I shop and occasionally enjoy morning coffee and afternoon tea.

Pink Teapot 2And as these two lovely ladies will happily tell you, the 1940s style of this charming tearoom does not  extend to the edible and delicious food on offer.

With generous latherings of butter and double cream, this place is definitely not for Weight Watchers and Slimmer’s World followers.

The Desk the Pink Teapot

Check out the impressive signatures on the Visitor Board below!

Visitor Board

Written in response to the Daily Word-prompt Edible

Famous Five illustration by Josh Sutton

6 thoughts on “Food Rationing? Not On Your Nellie!

  1. gc

    An enjoyable post Sue that all your readers can digest readily. I think the 40’s theme offers the older members of your audience the opportunity to reminisce in the safety and the overall innocence of the era ( except for WW II of course.) I was born in the mid 40’s and Weight Watcher’s wasn’t. A good thing that. Else how else could I ever had enjoyed my mother’s freshly baked apple, raisin and pumpkin pies baked especially for me? Thank you for sharing your article and photos. Always top drawer and informative. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your comments love. We’re both too young to actually remember the 40s, but I do remember the ration book and rationing in the 50s and the delight we kids felt when we were allowed sweet treats. x


  2. emn

    What a share! The pink, the polka dots, the ladies. I’m jealous of you today, Miss Sue! I’m so glad that ‘Sherlock’ signed the wall, LOL. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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