Milking it!

Sometimes, I think it’s funny – When I stop and think
That the way to settle a stomach – Is with a glass of milk

Milk’s good for you, I know – With vitamins and such
But, sometimes you wonder -About what it can do

I like it on my cereal – And sometimes with a meal
But, to use it just like medicine – Is the greatest gift of all” ~ Jerry Abrahamson

Bumbling, mumbling, murmuring, muttering or lumbering is something you’re unlikely to hear from me, especially in my unofficial role as an advocate of buying milk direct from the farm!

About half the milk produced in the UK is sold as liquid milk, with the other half used for products such as cheese and yoghurt.

In 2015 the UK dairy farmers estimated a cost of between 30 and 32p to produce a litre of milk, but the average price paid across the UK was 23.66p. Today that figure has improved but farmers still insist that supermarkets are paying too little for their product.

My milk is delivered to my doorstep in an old fashioned bottle and comes direct from the family farm where it is produced. 

A Bottle of Milk

A pint delivered to my doorstep is only a couple of pence more than a pint in the supermarket.  If I also have eggs and yogurts delivered, the cost is less than the supermarket!   There are also no delivery charges!

Reduced Food Miles – All of our milk is produced on the farm by our own herd of Holstein Friesian cows.  The milk is then processed and bottled in our on-site dairy, from where it is collected by the milkman and delivered direct to the doorstep.  This means the ‘food miles’ are kept to the bare minimum and you can be assured that the milk you get on your doorstep is as fresh as possible.” (TD Goodall)

 Reduced Packaging Waste – When you return your empty milk bottles, they are washed, sterilised and scanned before being refilled for their next journey to the doorstep.  Each bottle makes an average of 13 journeys before being recycled, unlike supermarket containers that make just the one journey!” (TD Goodall)

Thank you to Beech Grove Farm for some of the information included in this article. Anyone wishing to know more about the farm could visit here

Article written in response to the Daily Word-prompt Bumble  

9 thoughts on “Milking it!

  1. I like dairy, too. It helps my stomach so much.

    They do sell milk in glass in one store by me, but don’t take the empty bottle back. It’s been a long time in my area since there was milk delivery.

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    1. Home deliveries are readily available around here. Most people I know buy milk from the supermarket in preference to a home delivery and supporting a local family business. This Farm Dairy has never let me down even in the worst snowy conditions and it is convenient to have on your doorstep first thing every morning. Thank you for commenting.

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      1. That’s great that you still have such a great dairy delivery service! In my husband’s home country of Czech Republic they return every single glass bottle they buy. That’s mostly a lot of beer.

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