When The Green Eyed Monster Calls

Today’s short post was inspired by a friend, a generally level headed individual whose normally sunny disposition momentarily disappeared today.

Othello green eyed monsterIt should go without saying that one’s logical and sound mind takes something of a nosedive when the green eyed monster calls!

There are occasions however, when you really need to say it and hammer home to someone that they’re not thinking clearly and that their customary logic has flown out of the window and all because  the green eyed monster has come to call.

Green eyed monster One

“He’s seeing someone else!” She exclaimed. “Really, I can’t believe that, do you have evidence?” I asked

“Well, not really but I know he’s been to see her.” She answered

“That’s his job that’s what he does, he visits people” I reminded her and then I added “You really ought to learn to trust.  Here have a chocolate!”  She looked me squarely in the eye and asked “Are you having a laugh?”

Mmmmm I think perhaps I am!

Written in response to the Daily Wordprompt ‘Sunny

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