Fish and Chips

A Dish as English as a Cup of Tea

London and Lancashire have each staked their claim to be the first to invent fish and chips. Nevertheless, we in Yorkshire believe that no one cooks fish and chips as good as Yorkshire folk!

Today I’ve chosen to talk about British fish and chips. However, if I were to be  pedantic, which I usually am, this is a plate of English fish and chips and if I were to split hairs further, it is in fact Yorkshire fish and chips! The serving shown below is a small portion.

Fish and chips are collected from the ‘Fish Shop’ where they are cooked (while we wait). The ones shown came from my village fisheries and were wrapped in white paper parcels as seen here.  As a child, the fish and chips came wrapped in newspaper, these days it’s the same paper but minus the newsprint.

Fish and chip parcel


Some of the larger establishments serve their fish and chips in cardboard trays (takeaway). Our village fish shop serves them the old-fashioned way.


I like mine to be served with a sprinkling of salt and vinegar, a slice of bread and butter with a side order of mushy peas and finished off with a cup of tea and my preference is Yorkshire tea. Yorkshire Tea 2

My favourite part of the dish is the crisp batter that surrounds the fish, scraps (bits of batter) are also welcomed on my plate. However, with a calorific value as high as this dish has, it remains a treat that appears in my house only every now and then.

Fish n chips 2

The photographs shown were taken earlier this week to send to a friend and by coincidence fit the bill perfectly for todays challenge – written in response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Crisp


4 thoughts on “Fish and Chips

  1. gc

    I too Susan enjoy the “old fashioned” way of servig fish and chips

    In one city I lived there was a restaurant named “Pat and Hank’s Fish and Chips”.

    The fish was deep fried in a delicious batter and their selection included scallops, shrimp and batter fried cod fish.

    I one day discovered I could not handle the scallops. I was meeting my college girlfriend at the restaurant for lunch. It was near the place she worked as a student summer temporary replacement.

    Her lunch hour started at 11:30 am so we missed the noon hour hordes.

    We both ordered the scallops ( there was a two for one special) and had the French fried potatoes and tea.

    I never tried scallops before but thoroughly enjoyed the taste. My girlfriend at that time was also new to scallops.

    We finished lunch and she went back to the office and I returned to my flat to study.

    A few hours later I began to feel queasy, nauseous and out of sorts.

    It was almost 2:30 pm and her work day finished at 4 p.m.

    As the time past I felt more uneasy so I went to a nearby hospital Emergency Room

    My waiting time there was minimal and the intern in charge diagnosed me as having an allergic reaction to the scallops.

    I wondered if Carol ( my friend at that time) was also feeling ill.

    I did not have her office phone number and waited until she left her office.

    When she exited the building she did not look that “chipper” so to speak.

    I told her what had happened to me and also reported to her what the intern had diagnosed about me: allergic reaction to the scallops.

    We both went to the ER and she was given the same diagnosis.

    Needless to say we avoided ordering the scallops from that day forward.

    I am still a big “fish and chips” fan to this day. 🙂

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