“She added a bit of pink to her reality”

Love fix“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.”  —   Allen Klein

I’m happy to announce that today’s post is written by my guest, my dear friend and WP colleague Gerry Charb of ‘Your Nibbled News’.  Having discussed working together for some time, the first of our projects has finally come to fruition.


In a previous blog article (Empowered and Enchanted) the reader was introduced to the main character Emily. She was a woman who enjoyed the color pink and discovered that adding subtle highlights about her living quarters helped her mark her place in a fickle and often changing reality. This is a continuation of her adventure into self discovery.


Painting nailsEmily sat in a cozy coffee shop sipping her drink and nibbling on a sugar doughnut.

A few hours earlier she had been sitting at her kitchen table applying a second coat of a bright pink nail lacquer that had appealed to her almost immediately.

She noticed that  this particular shade of pink made her feel younger, more feminine and somehow empowered her to step out of her personal shell and experience the world more fully and confidently. Emily and friend final colour 2


Her male friend noticed the immediate change in her personality and tried to place a damper on her new-found sense of self . Although she appreciated his concerned efforts she still wanted to experience her life a bit fuller and freer. 

This was the sole reason for her having driven to this coffee shop. She would be a stranger here and this would allow her the time to think things over for herself at least for the moment.

As she sat in her single person booth she glanced out the window now and then and felt the sunlight on her face and hair and hands. 

The ambient light helped to further enhance the glow of the nail polish and seemed to flood the room about her in an eerie glow. She basked in the warmth of the glow and the sunlight.

As she sipped her coffee a few of the locals began to slowly enter the shop. 

There was one man there who particularly caught her attention. He was sitting across the room from her and was enjoying his drink. He was alone but appeared to be friendly. The staff said hello to him and this made him seem that much more approachable.

Emily noticed something familiar about this man: his smile, the way he wore his cap; the shape of his moustache . All these things caused her to stare at this stranger intently.

When she finally regained her composure and sipped a bit more coffee she noticed that this man, the object of her attention, was staring back at her and cast a smile her way now and then.

Suddenly she felt uncomfortable. This was a novel situation for her. She was in a strange place and had somehow encouraged this man to begin staring at her.

Try as she might to avoid eye contact with him she noticed that each time she looked his way he would return the courtesy back at her.

She finished her coffee and noticed that a strange sense of empowerment had come over her. She was no longer intimidated by this stranger but filled with a sense of her own presence in reality and life.

She stood up and left the tiny cafe and as she passed the seated stranger she took a deep breath, looked straight ahead, walked calmly by him and cast him adrift.

When she got back to her car and sat in the driver’s seat she smiled and noticed that this almost meaningless event in life had boosted her sense of self and confidence.

She look at her brightly colored nails and smiled happily.

The pink nail polish served as a beacon directing her to experience more in her life. __ gc

Footnote:  Grateful thanks to Gerry for writing today’s post and also to daughter Sophie for her drawing of Emily and her friend.

Post linked to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Adrift

12 thoughts on ““She added a bit of pink to her reality”

  1. This is really beautiful – to discover her own self. And this “pink” just act here as the stimulus. Many apparently meaningless incidents influence us a lot in reality.
    Loved the post.. 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. emn

    I feel as though I caught sight of your “pink flashy nails” this morning as you grabbed my attention with a new side of you, Sue! I like your collaboration here and smirked as I looked at my own pink nails. It is amazing how pink nails bring a flicker of fun – something that you cherish more as time goes on. Enjoyed the story!

    Liked by 1 person

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