The Oldest Street in England

In response to the Photo Challenge ‘Heritage

Exploring and appreciating my English Heritage has become a pleasurable pastime of late. Places and buildings that I previously took for granted are now being viewed with renewed interest and fresh eyes.

This week I visited  York, a city steeped in history and some fifty minutes away from my home.

This is ‘The Shambles’ reputed to be the oldest street in England and dates from 900 AD.


The Shambles York

18 thoughts on “The Oldest Street in England

    1. Hi Nemo, I made a mistake on this challenge I wrote the text for Stonegate but uploaded The Shambles. picture! I’ve another post about York in draft and mixed up the text. I do know the area well so I’ve no excuse, sorry about that. The Shambles (the picture) is actually the oldest street and dates from 900!

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      1. Oh well that happens… Nothing to worry..
        But that’s even older!! It’s amazing to know such places exist till date !!😊😊
        Thanks for updating me..😊😊

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  1. gc

    Great article Susan. 🙂

    How wide is the street here? I assume only foot traffic is allowed.

    Have any of the structures been renovated recently?

    Have any new businesses found a spot on this site?

    Thank you for sharing. xx

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    1. Thank you for the questions Gerry. Traffic is not allowed and these buildings will definitely be Grade 1 listed, but repairs must have taken place. I noticed there are a couple of new businesses from when I was in York last. I’ll check for you.


  2. York is a charming town indeed, and when admiring The Shambles on our one rushed visit en route to Scotland, we didn’t know about that amazing legacy.
    Hospitable place. Shortly after arrival we were invited to come and meet a couple of Lord Mayors — but that was because we mentioned to a Jag Club gathering that we had an XJ6 back in South Africa!

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