Seemingly Seamless

In response to the Photo Challenge ‘Reflecting

A Digital Reflection

No matter where or by whom a challenge is instigated, my response is often unexpected. Today is no different.

A Digital Image 2

15 thoughts on “Seemingly Seamless

  1. Ha! You obviously are crediting sheep with the intelligence to ‘reflect’. The number of them round here that escape from their field then can’t work out how to get back gives the lie to that! Great photo though.

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  2. This is a seamless reflection put together. One photo, reflected 😀 The sheep look very stern…maybe they are hungry and want something to eat. Something more than their usual grass. Or they are just not happy about having their picture taken 😀

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    1. They’ve just spotted our dog and were wondering whether to run or confront The ewes chose to confront. A good lesson for the lambs and the dog, the dog who’s still a pup probably won’t learn from it! Thank you for your comments.

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  3. Oh, sorry, I am being dim. The funny thing is, I took a photo a bit like that recently. But mine wasn’t a clever one like yours, simply a group of sheep who happened to form a balanced team. Durr. Brain not in gear at the moment.

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      1. You are most welcome… 🙂
        I am so glad to hear that !! 🙂 🙂 Me too.. always wait for your review of my posts.. 🙂
        I always keep a watch for your new posts and never want to miss any of them.. 🙂

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  4. gc

    Well Susan you have done it again.

    This is not a baa(d) photo. Quite the opposite really.

    This photo is open to interpretation. Almost enigmatic.

    Do the sheep represent the flocks of people who frequent Word Press daily to have themselves face the daily challenge or is it the bewildered WP editorial staff attemtping to stymie their users with difficult words to expand upon.

    Either way you hit the proverbial nail on the head.

    Spot on. Thanks for sharing the photo and your insightful self.

    You make it all seem so easy you know. 🙂

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