Alfred and Mrs Peel

In response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Final

It was the end of the day and the final day of term and Mrs Peel was enjoying a relaxing cup of tea.

For the moment Mrs Peel was pleased to have the relative peace and quiet of the normally busy staffroom and was feeling more than a little relieved that she would not be disturbed by a child knocking on the staffroom door and requesting her assistance.


Alfred was the main culprit and Mrs Peel had lost count of the times she’d mopped up his grazed dirty  knees, in fact she had once suggested to Alfred’s mother that it might be a good idea to send him to school wearing knee pads!

She cast her mind back to the start of the year when Alfred first entered her classroom. Using the register, she had called out each of the children’s names in turn, it was the easiest way to match a face to a name, though inevitably there were those who didn’t need an introduction, the ones whose reputation preceded them.

At the sound of his name Alfred’s arm shot up into the air, “Hello Alfred, how are you today?” She asked him.  “I like you Mrs Peel.” Alfred replied. Mrs Peel smiled “Thank you Alfred, I like you too.” For the next few minutes this new pattern of answering the roll call was repeated by every child in the room.

The following morning Mrs Peel once again began the roll call, at first it went smoothly until she came to Alfred’s name, at which he answered “I love you Mrs Peel.”  At this, Mrs Peel calmly explained that we don’t normally say I love you to teachers. “But I do love you” answered Alfred “Okay Alfred, but why not try keeping it inside your head instead of saying it out loud.” Replied Mrs Peel with a smile. Unfortunately, just like the day before, the other children in the class followed suit as each of them repeated “I love you Mrs Peel!”

After a whole week of this, Alfred became bored of declaring his love and fortunately, so did everyone else!

In January Mrs Peel celebrated her birthday and as expected Alfed had something to say about it. “How old are you Mrs Peel?” he asked. Although tempted to explain to Alfred that he shouldn’t ask that question, Mrs Peel instead answered chirpily, “Twenty one, Alfred, I’m twenty one!”

Alfred, with his head to one side looked carefully at Mrs Peel and considered her answer before replying with one of his own. “ Blooming ek Mrs Peel, my mum’s much older than you but she looks a lot blooming  younger!”

Then there was the time she was helping Alfred with his typing, he lifted his fingers and stroked her hand. “What are you doing Alfred?” Mrs Peel asked him.  Alfred looked at her thoughtfully, “Haven’t you got old hands!”

On another occasion Alfred asked her how to spell the word den. Mrs Peel suggested Alfred try to sound out the word. d e n, pleased with himself Alfred went off to write down the word in his book.

Later when Mrs Peel was marking the books, she began to read what Alfred had written and with a roll of her eyes made a mental note to ask for the context next time. Alfred’s sentence read… We was pleyn in the gaden and was fersty den we got a drnc!

Teacher My exuses

22 thoughts on “Alfred and Mrs Peel

  1. gc

    I like the originality you spun on this story Sue.

    A great seminal imagination to be sure. 🙂

    You obviously have spent time in the classroom and have met many students like Alfred in your time.

    Please keep writing more of these tales for us. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha… I liked it very much 😂😂
    Reminded me of my school days, though I was known as a “good” student, but sometimes I did behave crazy.. 😁
    Thanks a lot for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a request to you. I was recently conversing with one of my follower on her latest post in the comment section. The words she used about me has shaken me. I don’t understand how I reply or should I at all. You can understand me through my posts so I am telling you. If you find time, please do take a look.
        Post title – “We Are Incredibly Powerful”


      2. Hello Nemo, I’ve read the conversation and the unkind comments that the person left for you. left. He or she seems very angry with the world and I find it difficult to understand why sh/e was so confrontational. Most of what they were saying was difficult to understand because of the anger. My advice is unfollow the person and if sh/e comes back to your site, do not approve anything they say. I would simply ignore them. Block if possible and please don’t get upset about this, but I suspect you are. None of it is your fault, you are a kind person sh/e definitely is not. Hope this has helped you.

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      3. Thanks you so much for your kind words…😊😊
        Yes I was upset. I was angry. This person happens to be one early followers of mine. I never imagined this. But I never use any bad words about anyone. But when I read all these, I was really upset. In one comment it was written that it’s good that people like us die early. I mean, how can anyone write like this? Forget about moron, loser, fool etc.
        Yes you are right.. I will unfollow her and no contact anymore. Thanks a lot again 😊😊💐💐💐💐

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