A Mind Gone Astray

In response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Maze

If you listen to clues as to how I feel instead of what I say, you’ll be able to understand me much better.” (Maria Botonis, ‘When caring takes Courage’)

Uncle Edgar lived his life through a hazy mist, he was lost and unsure where he should be. A constant and fruitless search for words and forever looking around for that hidden something,  a something he couldn’t remember and neither could he see.

Navigating his way around his mind was like searching in a baize coloured Maze… A labyrinth without an opening, a network without an end, a web that has been woven too tight, a warren with no way out.

His head was now in a muddle, a jumble of memories, places and faces, but nothing that made any sense until finally his mind, in a permanent state of confusion, slowly and steadily closed itself down.

What is dementia?  Alzheimers

4 thoughts on “A Mind Gone Astray

  1. gc

    Great post Sue. 🙂

    Dementia affects not only the elderly but also the not so elderly.

    It is a perplexing disease and early detection is crucial to treatment.

    In the “olden” days many folks like “Uncle Edgar” were left alone to their own devices.

    Thankfully today more public awareness and understanding of the disease can help folks like him live more fruitful lives.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. A cruel disease that I’ve seen from personal and professional perspectives. Thankfully, awareness is increasing all the time and there are a growing number of Dementia Friends, Dementia Champions, and groups.

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