Empowered and Enchanted

A Fictional Response to the Daily Word-promptPink

Emily liked the colour pink, it made her feel younger, feminine and strangely it gave her a strength.

When some time ago she was left on her own, she added pink to every room in her house, not too much, just a touch and in shades to suit the environment in which it was placed. At the time she believed she was making some sort of statement, almost like an animal staking its claim and leaving its scent and perhaps she was.

The colour pink however, has now taken on altogether different persona.

A short while ago Emily believed her happiness was being threatened and the more she believed this the more her rational thinking began to slip away.

Feeling hurt and in an effort to protect herself she began to push away the person she needed the most and unfairly forced him into a situation he didn’t understand and never asked for. By now she was in a panic and her control on her emotions steadily ebbed.

Emily had no idea what prompted her to visit the pharmacy that afternoon and purchase the nail lacquer, but the urge to do so was strong.

Sitting at her kitchen table Emily carefully painted her nails one by one. Sitting back to admire the shiny bright pink lacquered nails, she gave a half-smile of appreciation as she felt her strength begin to return, until eventually she began to feel empowered and no matter what happened now, she was back in control.

Emily’s friend had the good sense to take charge and he turned the situation around, for which Emily would be forever grateful, but somewhere there Emily couldn’t help wondering if it was really because of the enchantment of the pink nails.

PINK Nails


11 thoughts on “Empowered and Enchanted

  1. gc

    This was a good read Susan….captivating, dynamic, interesting and inspiring.

    Could be subtitled “Fifty Shades of Pink” and still stand the test of time.

    The brief introduction had psychological implications: a woman wanting to reassert herself and recapture her empowerment.

    With each nail she carefully lacquers this magical color she feels a new dynamic and exciting power entering her being. The reader wonders whether she will repeat this performance or write it off as an impetuous act of rebellion against the mundane world she has apparently settled for.

    It is hoped that her friend will not try to dissuade her from expressing herself more frequently and as flamboyantly.

    Thank you for sharing your work. Hope there will be many more installments .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure Emily has settled for a ‘mundane world’ She has faith and her expectations are high and I believe her friend will continue to encourage her to express herself. The future is a blank page waiting to be written and Emily’s is no different, but like Emily, I too have faith and am certain there will be further installments.

      Thank you Love for your very interesting comments and as always they are appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is an unusual and very intersting piece of work from you.. 😊
    Relating the painting of nails one by one to gaining composure little by little, is something which captivates the reader. Why don’t you write more stories like this Sue?
    I guess I am telling you because I write fictional and sometimes real works. But I think it will be very interesting if you write like this.

    Liked by 1 person

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