Branching Out

In response to the Photo Challenge ‘Danger

A simple task such as topping up bird feeders isn’t always as straight forward as you would imagine.

NG boys up the treeThe boys were supposed to helping top up the bird feeders but the lure of climbing the tree proved a little too much to resist! Thankfully, it did not prove to be dangerous for them.

File 07-05-2017, 14 43 07No danger here either as he chills out on the lower branches of this tree and with no temptation to venture higher. Eventually he topped up the feeders as requested.

16 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. gc

    I imagine Susan if there was a tree house or some other form of “temptation” the bird feeder would never get filled.

    Adults should have a tree house where temptations would lure them to climb to the top and lose themselves for hours in stimulating discoveries.


      1. gc

        Well my love you probably never had the right kind of temptation to cause you to climb the tree and find out what’s there. 🙂 After all Tarzan and Jane had a tree house .

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      1. 😀 That is amazing, it will be a cherishing memory to him for sure !!
        I tried once or twice, but never managed to rise above a meter 😀

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  2. Leslie Price

    Hi Sue we used to live in Calverley Gardens till I was nine and in the field behind our house was a line of trees, they we’re about one and half times taller than the house 🏡 I used to climb to the top and you could see for miles, it was always better when it was windy it could rock you to sleep haha xxx

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      1. Leslie Price

        Sue if it was very windy I used to tie myself to the trunk, mum would have had a fit if she had seen me up there xx

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