Let The Voices Be Heard

One would have expected that by now the human species might have learned to live alongside and appreciate nature, not only for its beauty but for its positive role on our planet. Atrocities against nature in the name of progress are commonplace. Will we ever progress from where we are, or are we forever doomed to remain  apprentice caretakers in this ever-changing world of ours?

I recently photographed this tree at the Bolton Abbey Estate in North Yorkshire. There may be a valid reason why its branches have been removed, but if the voice of the tree could be heard, it might have much to say.

File 30-04-2017, 15 55 17

The Voice of the Tree

My trunk, my support rod has stood here strong and proud for longer than I care to remember. It carried the elixir of life, minerals, water and a sweetness known as Sap. My internal energy has channelled these nutrients up and down my shaft, along my branches from the leaves to the roots and from the roots to the leaves.

I wept the day they clipped my wings and left me here to suffer. My once proud and strong branches that swayed in the wind and provided shelter for those in need, have been brutally severed and are no more. No longer can my roots be nourished and my trunk be gently moistened, I am saddened that I no longer grow.

The Hedgerow

This week my neighbours from the farm behind ours began, without warning, to remove  the hedgerow including trees from the borders of the adjoining farm track.

Hedgerows and the trees and bushes that grow within, are massively important for wildlife. They are a valuable habitat, providing food and shelter for many species. Small mammals such as dormouse, voles, harvest mouse and hedgehogs nest and feed in the hedgerows. They are also used as safe commuter routes and for foraging and roosting. Woodland and farmland birds can also be found nesting here.

It’s springtime, a time for creating new life and much of that new life would have been found in this hedgrow next to my home. I feel a need to weep for the wildlife and for the unnecessary loss of their home.


The beginning of the end


The brutal demise of a tree with another waiting to be removed


Parts of the hedgerow waiting to be removed along this section

Is the hedgerow  being removed in the name of progress? Not a progress I would recognise.  Greed, disregard for others and self preservation? YES, but that’s another story.

More information about providing nature with a home can be found here


16 thoughts on “Let The Voices Be Heard

  1. Leslie Price

    Hi Sue hedges are home to lots of animals and people who take them out should have their homes demolished and see how they feel xx

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  2. gc

    Bravo Susan A dramatic read and graphic photos.

    Humans are not the only inhabitants on the planet that keep track of their history. Tree rings have been around longer than man and the rings cover different periods in the earth’s evolution.

    Many times earth’s history is more important an a birthday or two for human beings.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful pictures depicting how inhuman we are being everyday. The picture of that tree was the vivid example of our brutality 😢
    Great wake up call by you.. Thanks a lot 😊

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  4. emn

    So I get removing trees that pose a hazard. We had two removed last year as they were both dead and the right wind could have toppled them into our home, cars, or drivers on the road. Why remove a tree that poses no danger??? I don’t get it. And your neighbors…how is their view to be improved?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are intending to widen the track/driveway Ethel they have plans to change the use of the farm buildings to commercial status and that will impact on us in an unpleasant way.


  5. The City planners should have informed us so that we could have had a chance to object. We would have preferred new housing and not trucks running up and down inches from our garden wall. There isn’t even a sidewalk to separate


  6. I can understand the tree being in need of regeneration, which the lopping will do. It will be pretty much back to normal in a couple of years and will feel “like a new woman”. Hedges and trees being ripped out is always sad to see.

    Liked by 1 person

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