Coming Home

Written in response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Blanket

The Young Kangaroo lives with its mum until it is strong enough to leave.  Unlike the human child, it does not move back in shortly afterwards and stay for years.”  (How it works – The Mum, Ladybird Book)

At some point or other my children left home to make their own way in the world only to move back in a short time later, a reoccurring trait. Home is the security blanket to which they return when times get tough and circumstances are against them.

security blanket

The latest child to return to the family fold is my youngest, my son. His four sisters think he’s the favourite, he’s not but he is my baby, which, I’m sure, mothers all over the world will relate to. As for me I am happy that I  provide his security blanket and I intend to ensure it remains sound and stong for all my children.



9 thoughts on “Coming Home

      1. I supposed there was a “Cut” 😀
        Because normally your posts elaborate the situations and feelings. But anyway, the feelings did convey, and anyone can relate with that for sure 😊

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      1. Sorry, me half asleep again. Yes there was more but the boy wouldn’t let me publish. I could have got away with it if I hadn’t asked him first, because he never reads anything I write anyway!

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