A Note With a Difference

Written in response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Avid

My late husband was an only child. It was customary in his and his extended family for the males to be pampered and looked after by the women.

Due to his career my late husband often worked into the early hours, and so it became our custom to write scribbled notes for him. The children and I were avid writers of these notes and  would leave them out before retiring for the night.

Recently, I found this rather long note of an unusual nature that I am about to share. It was written by me many years ago and left out for the husband to read.

The Dropped Penny

Long long ago, deep in bowels of Yorkshire Pudding Land lived the family Reklaw.

The family Reklaw were a lazy lot and one or two of them believed themselves to be slightly bewitched. So much so that one dark windy night after consuming a little too much of Tetley’s Best Bitter, they cast an enchantment spell and bewitched all the dirty, greasy pots and pans.

The following morning when the Reklaw family awoke, the pots and pans had cleaned and shined themselves and had been miraculously returned to the appropriately labelled cupboards and drawers.

The family were ecstatic and delighted, and understandably you might think, after all the family could now leave their grubby used dishes wherever they chose.

The bewitchment of the kitchen continued for centuries, until one day a Reklaw male broke the sacred Reklaw code. He married a female from the Tsorf family who lived South West of the river. Never before had this sacred code been broken and before long the Reklaw family began to realise what a terrible mistake this marriage had been.

The enchantment that had continued effortlessly for centuries came to a sudden halt and the family were at a loss as to what they should do. The dirty pots and pans remained uncleaned in the sink where the family had left them.

Eventually, one sunny autumn morning, one of the more sparky Reklaw males, who at the time was having his usual morning tipple of coffee and beta blocker cocktail, was taken by surprise as a penny suddenly dropped from a great height, and as it hit the floor with a resounding clang, he noticed that the table that only yesterday had faced North was now mysteriously turned around to face South West and very slowly he began to understand.

Dirty DishesThe disillusioned male realised the enchanted kitchen was to be no more and with a heavy heart he turned towards the sink and began to rinse the dirty pots and pans. Next he opened the dishwasher and stacked it with the dirty pots.

And the moral of the story is… Never marry a woman with a surname beginning with F!


I’m not sure how long it took the hubby to understand the note and take the hint but the following morning the kitchen was clean and tidy.

He did however, have this to say. “If you wanted me to clear my own dishes at night, why couldn’t you write a normal note like a sane person, or just ask?”  Well, I’m not sure I want to be sane!

Picture Credit: Vecteezy


21 thoughts on “A Note With a Difference

  1. gc

    Convoluted. Enchanting. Enticing. Captivating. By the way Susan did i say it was very good. I have one wee question. What the “F” does it all mean ? 🙂 Well done!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gc

      Your mum is brilliant, witty, enchanting and insightful. She is charming and has a wonderful sense of humor and fun. A terriffic person to know. Hope your day goes well Sophie. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you very much Sophie and thank you commenting, it means a lot. By the way please show your sister (Lizzy) how to do this from her phone. She tells me it’s frustrating and she can’t do it!


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