Moving On

New Year’s Eve

Written in response to the Daily word-prompt Harmony

As the fire in the sitting room fireplace burned, a long haired white cat sat on the hearth rubbing her soft body against the spark guard. Laying feet away, a large yellow Labrador, her paws twitching, dreamed of chasing rabbits, or so the widow imagined. Behind the Labrador a black and white border collie watched her expectantly.

The widow wondered whether to watch TV or pick up her book. Deciding on a later film, she rose from her chair and called to the dogs “Come on you two, Walkies.”

Outside the night air was cold with a sharp wind,  a covering of crisp snow remained on the ground from the heavy fall a few nights ago. The widow leaned against the dry stone wall watching the dogs in the pale moonlight as they sniffed around the paddock, searching for a new scent to follow.

Back indoors, the heat from the open fire greeted her with a warm embrace. The dogs resumed their comfortable sleeping positions and the widow reached for a glass of her favourite Malbec. Lifting up her feet and curling her legs up into the chair she sipped her wine. Closing her eyes the widow allowed her mind to wander.

Her marriage had not always lived up to expectations, but she had loved him and since his passing there was an empty void. Outwardly, she appeared happy and confident, a woman who’d come to terms with her loss. Inwardly, she was lonely, a lost soul who was unaware she craved the comfort and warmth that another being could offer.

Tonight was New Year’s Eve and she felt particularly melancholy as she remembered the ‘Eves’ of the past, a husband and a house full of children and laughter. Tears of sadness began to trickle down her cheeks, brushing them away she abruptly told herself  to get a grip.

The shrill sound of the telephone startled the widow and jolted her out of her self-pity.  “Hello my love,” said a deep male voice, “are you alone?”  Her heart skipped a beat, just as it always did when she heard this familiar voice.  

“I guessed you would be alone tonight, I just wanted to check that you’re okay and tell you I miss you.”  “I miss you too.”  She replied.  The deep male voice continued speaking, “You know I love you don’t you? Happy New Year.” The pair were in harmony.

“Happy New Year to you too.” The widow answered, and in that one brief moment, she knew it would be.

7 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Very touching indeed.. And I believe this has a resemblance with your own life experience Sue. A loss is really painful. We do move on but somewhere inside us, the sense of loss always remain.

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  2. gc

    Bravo Susan.

    You have written a “fictional” account that is universal in appeal, therapeutic in nature and hopeful for the future. The tale is about personal loss ona all levels ( loss of a spouse and the empty nest syndrome) and its devestating effects on the human psyche and spirit.

    The main character’s once lively and animated house is now quiet as both spouse and dependent family members have left the nest and you are siting there sipping your wine, feet curled up and gazing into the flickering light of your fireplace.

    The future as you see it i filled with unknowns but the one hopeful aspect of the story is the telephone call from the stranger . A call of aring, concern and hope.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

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