Something to Smile About

Written in response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Chuckle

Chuckle!  One of my favourite words. For me, having a chuckle is a daily occurance and I will always find something to giggle about.

Laughing face

Sometimes we chuckle, giggle or laugh at the silliest of things, and often we find ourselves having a little chuckle at someone else’s expense.

A close friend of mine has the knack of saying and doing the wrong thing and this often raises a chuckle from family and friends.

For instance, she once purchased a number of belated birthday cards which prompted the shop assistant to remark “Oh my goodness you’ve forgotten a lot of birthdays!” My friend replied with a poker face  “I haven’t forgotten them yet!” The sound of chuckling was heard from all around except from her. She firmly believed she was being very efficient buying the belated cards, after all, forgetting birthdays was quite high on her ‘I Forgot list’

Then there was the time of the Fuel crisis. She was cooking and talking at the same time, which in her case is not always a good combination. As she stirred the contents of a saucepan she suddenly announced “I’m quite worried that I won’t be able to buy petrol during this Custard crisis!”

On another occasion she informed the family she’d inadvertently parked on the double yellow white lines. Her husband remarked how clever it was of her to do that, especially as there’s no such thing as yellow white lines!

Let’s not forget the time she was preparing lunch and at the same time offering advice to someone about buying a new fridge. “Perhaps you could look into  Interest Free Carrots!”

Then there was the death of her husband. She visited the Chapel of Rest with her grown up children. Writing a sweet note in the Book of Remembrance was a sombre moment and it was her intention to end the note with Finally at Peace. Unfortunately, she missed out the word at.  It now reads ‘Finally…… Peace!

The undertaker, a friend of her husband, remarked that it was the first time in the history of his funeral business that he had heard the sound of raucous laughter coming from the chapel.

29 thoughts on “Something to Smile About

  1. I know there are people exactly like that. Like my late mother. Chuckle.

    My mom got a real razzing for those types of slip ups. Sometimes that angered her. I hope your friend has been a good sport. In any case, those types of slip ups my mom made are among the more endearing memories I have of her.

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      1. emn

        No. I just know I’d love her. My post was confusing now that I look at it. She just sounds like my kind of person! (Truthfully, I have similar foibles.)

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  2. gc

    Your are a writing genius Susan. You take everyday occurrences , analyze them succinctly and then add your own brand of wit and humor to the stories making them an enjoyable read. Your tales are universal and their eccentricities universal. Please keep writing these great stories. I am going to post your article to my Twitter account. Have a wonderful day 🙂

    I think you are successfully competing with the Erma Bombeck style of story telling. A wonderful treat for every reader.

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  3. Such a lively post that it made me chuckle indeed!! Friends like these do add smiles and laughters in life 😀😀
    I have my mom, who always forgets what I tell her and it happens repeatedly. One of my friends is always too tensed and worries even on the facts like “Why are the birds chirping less today?”
    Very nicely written post.. Loved it 😀

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    1. gc

      Hello again Sophie. Your mum is a talented writer. She knows how to turn a phrase and describe a situation in a unique and entertaining manner. Hope you will encourage her to keep writing articles for her blog. Please? :0

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  4. I think there should be much more laughter at funerals. We love to do it all through our lives, it does us all good, and helps make our lives so much richer. It could make our deaths so much easier to cope with.


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