All In The Family

Written in response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Jolt’

Sometimes, life has a way of leading you in directions that turn out to be very different to the way you expected.

Easter lunch with my family was the usual jolly affair. Inconveniently, lunch was a little late and was entirely my fault. Before leaving for church I had forgotten to switch on the oven, but no one minded and the wine flowed freely.

Easter bunnies

I served turkey much to the delight of the fourth daughter, however, the expression on her face soon changed when I had to shatter her expectations and tell her I wasn’t serving Christmas pudding.

My fourteen year old grandson managed to do a rather good impression of a seven year old when announcing that he no longer liked the vegetables his mother had served him and he had no intention of eating them. I think he’d momentarily forgotten which family he belonged to and his ‘Nan’ could not resist explaining to him what happens to young boys when they do not eat their greens!

Making fun of each other is what my family do best, it’s par for the course in this house, join us at your peril!

The day before, my eldest daughter, Max’s mother, sent out a Facebook post reading “Apologies if you are in Stephen H Smith’s garden centre in about 10mins time. Max has apparently set all the kitchen timers to go off together… We have now left.” This behaviour is typical of Max and I should know, I used to teach him!

When in my classes, Max bordered on being the class clown and I was never quite sure how to handle him. In the end in an attempt to discourage him I pretended I hadn’t noticed him, I tried this for seven years when he would come back week after week for his computing lesson. Max was never ill!

My grandchildren mostly remembered to address me correctly when in school, Tommy, the youngest boy was excellent and never forgot, in fact even when we were at home I continued to be ‘Mrs Walker’.

Harry, who never saw a point to any of this insisted on calling me Nan. However, it was his best friend Rishi who caused the most amusement, having heard Harry address me as Nan, Rishi followed suit and for the first two years of his school life I gained another beautiful grandson.What a sad day it was when someone gave him a jolt and told him I wasn’t his Nan.

My fourth daughter remarked she thought the older grandchildren were very lucky to have had me in school, looking out for them and teaching them.

I taught six of them and I think I’m the fortunate one, to have had the pleasure of working with and teaching my own grandchildren was an absolute honour, including Max!

6 thoughts on “All In The Family

  1. gc

    Well my love you did have your hands full on Sunday.
    But many such holidays are venues of frantic activity, highly charged emotions, nutritious menu items consciously ignored and a host of other problems that are forgotten the day after.
    I enjoy your writings. Your witty style and sense of fun reminds me of Erma Bombeck.
    This episode could be titled ” The Easter Bunny gave you what?”
    Just a thought . Thanks for sharing your day.
    Always appreciated as are you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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