I Think I’m On the Cusp Of Another Idea

The Word CUSP,  It’s like a drug isn’t it, we’re all on it at sometime or another. Me? well I’m always on the cusp of something and at times it would serve me better if I wasn’t. My ideas for instance, of which there are many,  but perhaps we’ll settle for just the one today, a reasonable suggestion.

So, I was thinking … wouldn’t it be useful if we had a small garden tool for cutting the grass, the sort of grass that inconveniently grows  in-between each of those little bunches of yellow daffodils, a tool something like a razor but a bit bigger, we could call it the ‘Grazer’. Wow I think I’m on the cusp of a new invention! Unless of course, you know different!

11 thoughts on “I Think I’m On the Cusp Of Another Idea

  1. gc

    By golly Sue..I think you’re got it.

    It would be a marverlous invention because the already popular “weed whacker” woud trim the daffodils to the ground.

    Here’s an idea for you. Make the instrument ‘solar powered” with tiny batteries that self charge when being used outdoors and never need sharpening micro blades.

    What do you think? 🙂

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      1. gc

        I think you will like this suggestion.

        It is based on your “robotic” notion.

        They have a robotic vacuum cleaner that moves independtly through a persons home and learns the terrain.

        Well, your invention would be akin to the Mars vehicular robot, solar powered, about one foot high, and would learn the terrain of a garden. You could program how often you want the machine to activate and go on its snipping spree.

        There is one caveat. Make sure if the person has a cat or dog that they are not resting near the daffodil patch. Ouch. It might be okay if the dog is a poodle. Then a free hair trimming would be a side effect. 🙂

        How does that idea grab you Sue?

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  2. I like that idea too. Right now my little garden behind my little townhouse is pretty barren, with just the beginnings of chives and the remnants of rosemary, but by August it’ll be a jungle out there.

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