All is Not Always What it Seems

A Fictional response to the Daily Word-prompt ‘Prudent

As Jay neared the bar he began to regret his decision to arrange a date with a complete stranger, a person he’d met online.

He’d accidently stumbled across the blogger ‘PMJ’ when conducting an online search. Jay read the blog, clicked LIKE and even made a comment. It wasn’t long before it became a regular occurrence, Jay visiting PMJ’s blog and unsurprisingly, the light hearted banter between them gave way to something a little more private. They excited one another, their online conversations became pleasurable and something to look forward to. The private messaging continued for a few short weeks, until the moment was right for them to meet.

Jay was becoming breathless, his palms were sweaty and his pulse was racing, he asked himself why he was doing this. What if the photograph he’d seen wasn’t PMJ’? What if it was some other stranger? What do I really know about this person, what if PMJ’s been prudent with the truth. Jay began to think that arranging to meet was a terrible mistake.

Arriving at the bar Jay took a deep breath and entered the brightly lit room, as he looked around he became aware of a pair of piecing blue eyes looking at him from across the room. The tall, handsome young man with the piercing blue eyes walked toward him and Jay’s heart skipped a beat. They held out their hands as if to shake, but instead fell into a much longed for embrace. “Hello Jay, we meet at last.” Laughed PMJ, also known as Paul Michael Jones!

Love Birds

6 thoughts on “All is Not Always What it Seems

  1. gc

    Someone’s “Great Expectations” were dashed to the ground when reality burst his bubble.

    In this day and age it is a matter of confusion to the nth degree.

    Great post. 🙂

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      1. gc

        There is no need to apologize.

        It is almost like watchng an Alfred Hitchcock drama in which the main character is the only one viewed by the audience.

        All the flutter, excitment and happiness is based on a one-sided anticipation.

        The interesting part of the scenario happens “after” PMJ is unmasked.

        A number of modern day alternatives might occur:

        (1) Both men are disappointed by the exchange.

        (2) The main charcater in the tryst slugs the other in the nose.

        (3) They share a drink and congratulate one another one having a stimulating chat personna.

        (4) Their cyber selves become intimate strangers and take it from there.

        I enjoyed the story. Please continue to mystify and thrill your readers…and me too of course. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Whose story is this? Perhaps you could write the sequel! Actually, I got really into how Jay felt when he saw the handsome PMJ, I almost fell for him until I remembered this was a story and PMJ was just a character in my head!


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