Pause for Thought

Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Pause’

I read somewhere that pausing and taking a moment before we speak  gives us time to choose the right way to respond. I think I need to remember that.

My late husband once remarked that I needed a pause button, I’d like to think he was joking, but that’s probably wishful thinking. He went on to ask “Do you actually know what you’ve just said?” Unfortunately, although I remember the moment well, right now I can’t remember what it was I apparently said, after all, I tend to say rather a lot, but whatever it was I’m sure it can’t have been that bad! However, in retrospect, perhaps he was correct.

I definitely need a pause button when I’m shopping online because occasionally I get carried away. The other day I noticed a useful little notebook App for my iPad. I clicked the App, clicked purchase and installed, but when I opened the App it began to look and feel familiar.  A quick scroll through my iPad Apps followed and sure enough the very same App icon jumped out at me, and worse still I never liked it very much the first time around.

A pretty quick £15.99 refund from Apple followed, but the thing is, if I’d had a built-in pause button I would have had the chance to think about what I was about to do. So, the question is, would I have paused for long enough and would I have changed my mind? Who knows, I certainly don’t.

I live on just outside of a village in Yorkshire, approximately 3/4 of a mile from the edge of it and I’ve lived here for a very long time. Yesterday I nipped down to the bakery and while crossing through the pub car park, I took a moment to pause and look around. It wasn’t a sunny day, in fact it was quite grey and it’s not that it’s particularly beautiful, but not for the first time I gave a little smile of appreciation and on a whim I paused again, picked up my phone and took a couple of photographs.

The Village Cross

The Fox


13 thoughts on “Pause for Thought

  1. gc

    Pausing for thought enabled you to catpure two delightful photos of the area near which you live. It’s like reading a National Geographic story complete with storyline and photos.You have presented a few dramatic images of the area.

    Taking the time to smell the roses or review your apps is a good thing Susan. We all rush through things that we assumed we haven’t purchased only to discover sadly that we had it but placed it on the back burners of our minds.

    Use this approach. Imagine your mind is a camera. Before you proceed to do anyhting rash or on on impulse capture a mental image of the situation in your mind, close your eyes, take a few deep breatha and slowly count to 10.

    As you are counting towards the number 10 let the image unfold in your mind’s eye. and try to get a 3-dimensional picture of it. Rotate, expand, contract and analyze it to your satisfaction.

    This might help you to control some of those impulsive actions we all are guitly of doing. 🙂

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  2. Ah! My suggestion is we put our two minds in a pot, shake them up and redistribute. I’m the one that dithers and dithers over a purchase so long that by the time I’ve decided to go for it, it’s gone……

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  3. emn

    Thank you for sharing your village! Since I don’t travel I depend on others to help me envision their surrounds. If I were to travel internationally, it would be England. Hands down. That grayish sky looks lovely to me.

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