I read somewhere that being able to change your mind is the best way to find out that you still have one. Phew…!

My expectations are often a little too optimistic!

I hadn’t expected to write a post today. I had expected to be setting up a new theme for my site.

Giving my site a new look for the Spring seemed like a good idea and I spent almost a week trawling and browsing themes until I finally found the one. I planned for today to be ‘Set Up Day’, I even gave myself extra time to rectify any mishaps. Then it happened, at the very moment I was about to click ‘Activate this theme’ I hesitated and this momentary indecision was enough to trigger my change of heart.

Perhaps my expectations were too high, after all changing my mind is what I do best. It usually happens with wallpaper or a painted wall and occasionally it’s happened with furniture and usually when it’s too late to send back and I end up asking myself “What was I thinking?”

Now what? I haven’t got a new theme for my site and I haven’t thought of anything to write about either, and so, seeing as it was Mother’s Day yesterday here in the UK, I shall leave you with a couple of quotes from the Ladybird book ‘The Mum’ – How it works!

“Lily’s mum says waiting for things makes them better. She says Lily can have the toy if she waits until Christmas. Lily does not mind. She is spending the weekend with her dad. She will get the car then. On Sunday night, Lily learns all sorts of interesting new words from her mum.”

“Alice is a successful biochemist. She publishes at least one highly regarded academic paper a year and has won the Colworth medal.  At the school gate, nobody knows this. Alice does not even have a name. Everyone calls her Olivia’s Mum. Olivia has not done anything yet.”

Sue is sharing one of her Mother’s Day gifts, Sue is generous and by coincidence the gift is purple and therefore links with the Daily Word- prompt  for today. Considering Sue didn’t have anything to say today, Sue seems to have written rather a lot !

Mother's Day Gift

Thank you to daughter Louisa for this lovely jug and flowers. You know me well


10 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. gc

    Deep in thought again huh?

    Well even Rodan thought about his work before carefully before proceeding.

    Take your time. Think things through.

    It will all come together for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. emn

        Well enough, Sue. Enjoying having some real foods in the diet. Crunchy, fresh veggies and fruit will be several months out. I’m glad, though, that I’ll be able to have them when summer offers its delicious bounty!

        Liked by 1 person

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