Distress – Intrigue – Concern and Finally Acceptance

Have you ever wondered why we do what we do, or why somethings concern us more than others and cause us distress? Why do some occurrences intrigue our minds, awaken our senses, fire up our imaginations whilst others simply pass us by?

The Distress

Yesterday I made a spelling mistake on my blog, a simple word that I wouldn’t normally think about. No one pointed out my error and so it was much later when reading the comments on the blog page that the offending word jumped out at me. It’s just a typo I told myself whilst correcting it and then I realised that as the correct letter is at the opposite side of the keyboard to the incorrect letter, I would need extra large fingers to hit a key by mistake. It was an illuminating moment, I had committed the ultimate sin, I had misspelt a word on a public article! An anxious evening followed as I repeatedly asked myself how and why have I managed to misspell this little fellow’s name?

squirrel 3 cropped with speech bubble

Perhaps the time has come to accept I may have regressed and have once again begun to spell phonetically!

The Intrigue

The intrigue began a couple of weeks ago when I was reading my friend’s blog Your Nibbled News. Gerry informed us of a hooded stranger who was seen on several occasions entering his apartment building during the dead of night. Gerry conducted an in-house investigation and the local police were informed.

As to why this story from another galaxy far far away, (Okay…across another time zone) should interest me more than any other is something of a mystery. I was hooked and I couldn’t get the stranger out of my mind. In my head I was a detective of the highest standing and I proudly came up with legitimate and non-legitimate reasons for the hooded stranger’s nocturnal behaviour, I even created a topic about it on my blog. Since then there have been various updates on Gerry’s blog.

Yesterday the concluding part appeared and the hooded stranger’s identity was revealed on this chapter of  Your Nibbled News .

The Concern

When the legitimate reason for the hooded stranger’s nocturnal activities was revealed, I had to admit to an initial mood of dissatisfaction, I was wrong on all counts and I experienced none of the anticipated euphoria. However, my attitude soon changed to one of guilt and concern for a lady I’d never met and had only just found out of her existence. My initial thoughts had been “Oh is that it!” and not of concern for her well-being. So, to the lady I’ve never met in a galaxy far far away, I apologise and send you best wishes for a more peaceful future, or as Gerry’s alter ego would say “May the Force be with you” .

And now  I must  accept that this is the end… Or is it?

Written partly in response to the Daily word-prompt Acceptance

Photo Credit: Me!


11 thoughts on “Distress – Intrigue – Concern and Finally Acceptance

  1. Yes, I noticed your typo. Actually, it cheered me up, because I make typos too, and spelling mistakes: something that never used to happen. Knowing that these Cardinal Sins can happen to others too makes me feel that at least I’m not chairman, secretary, committee member and sole member of this not very distinguished club. We’ll survive to make mistakes another day!

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  2. gc

    Thank you Sue for the descriptive mention in your own blog.

    Sometimes the real world ( not fake) has its own way of bursting bubbles of anticipation that a person has inflated in their own minds and when the mental image is burst then that denouement feeling of being let down sets in.

    I also was disappointed by the result but was also happy for the woman who had someone there to look out for her physical needs and emotional upsets.

    This is not “the end for you and I. We are a great team — you a veritable Mrs Emma Peel — me a dashing John Steed–The Avengers — who will share many more adventures together.

    As Humphrey Bogart stated boldly at the end of the movie classic “cassablanca” “this could be the start of a great relationship.”

    So here’s looking at you kid for many more such adventures. 🙂

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    1. I now have visions of myself on a film set on a crocodile infested River Nile, oh hang on a sec that could have been a completely different film set, James Bond perhaps and not the River Nile, a swamp maybe? As for Emma and John, the brolly(umbrella) would definitely be useful around here today, and I would love to be the very agile Emma Peel. Welcome to my imaginative world Gerry.

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