A Day of Little Effort

Today began without any help from me and I put no effort into getting it started.  A glance at the bedside clock showed me it was 5:30AM, I turned over, pulled the bulky duvet over my head and snuggled into the softness of my pillow. Alas, the day was determined to make a start, even against my will.

Re-entering the half-awake half-asleep zone was short lived, Mother Nature had other ideas and rudely screeched her noisiest howl before sweeping the heavy rain against my bedroom window. Minutes later, not satisfied with her first attempt she raised her head once more and spewed out a shower of hefty hail. “Oh for goodness sake” was my loud retort (I am very polite, even when alone).

Noticing an early morning chill to the air, I reached for my fluffy bed socks, (it seems nighttime glamour has escaped me) it took minimal effort to pull them on, .

It took even less exertion to stretch across the bed and switch on the coffee maker and insert a little pod. Minutes later with my duvet pulled up to my chin, I sipped my cup of Nescafe Café au lait.

Determined not to leave my bed at such an unearthly hour but by now wide awake, I take my phone off silent and check the messages. I pick up my iPad and browse Facebook, making comments here and there. Next I turn to the journal App and make a few notes about what I planned to do with my day. I write as if writing instructions, almost as though I’m expecting someone else to read it so that they know where to find me (one day it may come in useful). Later I go with the flow and my writing becomes more flowery, well, until I run out of ideas of what to do today.

10:00AM and the dog watches me pull on my ski jacket (I have no plans to ski), he has that look on his face that says “Are you for real, are we really going out in a blizzard?” He waits by the door and becomes animated when he’s sees I’m carrying bird food. The dog enjoys going out to feed the birds, after all I’m carrying food and I might drop some! The bird feeders are topped up, a few peanuts are dropped for the dog to forage and seeing as I’m still dressed for snow topped mountains, I bring in a basket of logs.

11:30AM The dog and I watch a squirrel stealing from the newly filled bird feeders  until Woody decides it’s time for a nap on the doormat. I get a bit carried away with lighting the stove and the flames are kicking high, Oops!

Satisfied that I haven’t set fire to my kitchen I make a cup of coffee and pull up my favourite chair, I put my feet up and the warmth from the log burner makes me drowsy, closing my eyes required minimal effort and sleep came easy.

Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Minimal



9 thoughts on “A Day of Little Effort

  1. gc

    Well that was quite the non adventurous day you had today Sue.

    You forgot to mention that you made important comments about my blog article regarding the Hooded stranger and a number of other issues that you and I discussed to some length.

    My days usually start off slowly as yours do.

    But chatting with you is a highlight of my day.

    I guess that cuppa coffee you enjoy helps you to subconsciously spread a warm glow on the folks you meet.

    Keep up the great work and please keep on blogging.

    You would be dearly missed if you ever stopped. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow Gerry, thank you very much for such kind comments. Actually, I was going to write more but I got back to it much later than planned and by that time I’d kind of lost the flow.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. emn

    Any day that starts with a coffee maker by your bedside has to be a good day! Then, there’s the dog. All in all, a remarkable start. I’m feeling the cuddle of your warm duvet over here in Washington, U.S. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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