Wonky Labels Not Allowed

Pantry labels

There’s something about labelling that will forever appeal to me.

On seeing the daily word-prompt ‘label’, it reminded me of an obsession I once had with labelling. I wasn’t satisfied with MS Word and a blank sheet of labels, I had to purchase a label maker, my little Dymo Labelwriter.

I would insert appropriate clipart and carefully formed text and stick my labels on the items of my choice. Index Files, Ring-binders, books, storage boxes and even the cereal boxes in the pantry, nothing escaped my attention. Each label had to be stuck on the item precisely, wonky labels were not allowed.

I became a source of amusement for my late husband, he would delight in opening cupboard doors to find out what new item I had labelled that day, I was also the teatime conversation topic when one or other of our offspring came through the door… “You’ll never guess what your mother’s labelled today!”

I think  a few personal people labels may have been assigned to me back then.

On the plus side, I introduced labelling to the school I worked at. I was let loose, a free rein and I labelled at will, I  happily labelled exercise books, text books, folders, worksheets, created name labels, library labels, cloakroom labels, learning challenge labels and stockroom labels, I became the ‘Label Queen’!

It was my legacy to the school and I’m pleased to say it continues today!

Written in Response to the daily word-prompt ‘Label


14 thoughts on “Wonky Labels Not Allowed

  1. gc

    I can imagine Adam’s wife Eve in the Garden of Eden with a goodly supply of labels as her hubby has to name the creatures of the world.

    Some names would be appropriate e.g. bird others wonky aardvark or platypus.

    Some labels would necessarily stick while others would be modified over time. There is no Z on a zebra’s body.

    Labelling helps to clarify reality while others confound.

    Would there be an appropropriate label to desctibe a Trump-like politician?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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      1. gc

        I don’t want to put you on the spot but when you do decide on a name make a few dozen labels and send them to the White House.post haste. 🙂

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      1. gc

        Sometimes Susan a person’s evening needs to be shaken up now and again. Beside, you come up with some great ideas when you are shaken not stirred like the Bond martini. 🙂

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  2. emn

    Oh, Sue! Enjoyable from first to last. Confession: I love labels but I’m a “Wonky Labeler”. (Yes, my head is hung done low.) In the office I would try and try to get the file folder labels on straight each and every time. I had to accept my failings, though, as having the label on the file trumped getting it right every time. God bless you and your label maker!

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      1. emn

        Well…it was. I’m not a neat person. I have occasional, splendid moments of neatness but I am quite comfortable with scruffy. LOL.

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  3. Oh, I’m a wonky labeller too. Not that I label that much. Only my pots of marmalade and jam, which I like to illustrate with pictures of the appropriate fruit, in equally appropriate colours.

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