The Ghost Walk

The City of York

Is this  city haunted by its past?

Traffic allowing, York (England, UK) is some fifty minutes away from my home and the city holds a fascination for me; the quaint old buildings, narrow streets and the city’s ancient history. Indeed, Viking remains have been unearthed here, both in and outside the city walls.

There was a time when many of my weekends were spent in this beautiful walled city, it was when one of my daughters was at university, in fact her graduation ceremony was held in the magnificent York Minster.

York png

Once on one of our regular visits to the city, my hubby and I, with our young son and the youngest daughter, decided to pay a visit the famous York Dungeons, our son, like most young boys was eager to have a look.

The visit began well enough and the waxwork models, along with the live actors were very impressive. So much so that at times it was difficult to distinguish between the waxworks and real people.york-york-dungeon-museums-galleries-3426-large

Around each corner and curve there were displays of a film set nature, each one depicting appalling punishments and sickening torture that were inflicted upon the poor souls from our miserable past.

It happened not far into the tour, I began to feel cold and shivery and could not shake off the feeling that this was not the first time I’d been inside a dungeon. Not only that but I was fighting off the urge to cry and the sense of utter despair that I was experiencing was overwhelming. My husband and daughter were enjoying the tour but when I turned to look at my son he began to cry and I realised he was feeling exactly the same as me. Normally, the boy would have been joking about the waxwork displays and fake blood, but not this time. An attendant led us to a fire escape whilst my hubby and daughter finished the tour.

Previous to this visit I had intended to return to York in the evening with a group of friends and take part in one of the well known Ghost Walks (York is the most haunted city in England, supposedly).

Although I’ve been back to York, I still haven’t taken part in the previously, much anticipated Ghost Walk. I’m terrified of coming face to face with a ghost, especially my own and I have no doubt that I will never conquer this fear.


Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Conquer

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7 thoughts on “The Ghost Walk

  1. gc

    Bravo. Great article. Sometimes the collective conscious of a place influences those people who are receptive to subtle nuances and suggestive images that are labelled as reenactments of a darker past. The fact that you became emotional only enforces the fact that you are more psychologically attune to the lasting impressions a place may contain from its checkered past. Enjoy the day.

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  2. Oooh, that is a strange story. I’ve taken our grandsons to the York Dungeons, and they had the predictable reactions of delight at all the blood and gore. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much genuine history they were made aware of in among, and am rather glad to report there were no supernatural experiences for us.

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