Do Not Wear With Trainers

In response to the Daily Word prompt ‘Controversy

I’m not the anorak type, but I do own one and occasionally I wear trainers. I’m more of the smart coat type, the type that never leaves the house withoutmakeup, though when I say never, I’m omitting the occasional lapses. 

The conversation went something like this…

The son: Are you going out like that?

Me: Like what?

The Son: Wearing trainers

Me What’s wrong with my trainers?

The Son: Nothing, it’s what you’re wearing with them

Me: My trousers? I think they look okay with trainers.

The Son: I’m not talking about your trousers, it’s your coat.

Me: My coat? There’s nothing wrong with my coat it’s very smart.

The Son: Yes it is very smart and that’s why you shouldn’t wear it with trainers!

Obviously, today was a lack of concentration day, a one off. I wore clothes suitable to help the son clean his apartment (how kind of me),  I was wearing makeup and my hair was impressively shiny. What can I say, I simply picked up the wrong coat.

Such Controversy!

Lady with text

11 thoughts on “Do Not Wear With Trainers

  1. gc

    And here I thought you were a fashionista. Boy was I wrong. Sometimes I too wear an anorak with clothing that does not match the occasion. Oh well just chalk it up to experience. But, if you felt comfortable dressed that way don’t deprive yourself. 🙂

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  2. Relax...

    I’m guessing “trainers” are what I’d call sneakers, and what younger people over this way call running shoes, walkers, cross-trainers? (For some reason, I first pictured trouser suspenders, lol. Be ready with that response next time — “Hey, you should be happy I’m not wearing suspenders!”) I’m guessing your son wants you to appear the princess that he sees. 🙂

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    1. Yes I think you’re right and I think trousers are what you call pants (not underpants) I have an inkling he doesn’t see me as a Princess and now you mention it, I think I’m more like the fairy godmother, the one who grants his wishes or maybe I’ve got that wrong I could be the Cinderella type minus the prince! Sorry I’m complicating things now aren’t I?

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  3. I often have to think whether what I write transfers into American English and it can get very difficult (and amusing). Pants, trousers, suspenders, braces, even phrases or sayings. Does it make sense across the pond? Will someone be offended? Does it matter?

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