Month: March 2017

I’m Not Bricking It

A journalistic blogging friend of mine has found my weakness. He has very quickly discovered that I cannot resist a challenge, especially if there is a mystery involved.

A couple of weeks ago he presented me with the mystery of the ‘Hooded Stranger’. This mystery infiltrated my night-time hours, a crime in itself.

 I became very inventive in my suggestions to the identity of this ‘Hooded Stranger, but alas, despite my best efforts I was unable to solve it and I failed the challenge.

Today, there is another not so ordinary mystery on his blog (Your Nibbled News) and I have been challenged to solve it. To date (during the last hour) I have offered what I considered to be sound suggestions and it appears I’m wrong on all counts.

So, because I’m not averse to cheating I’m asking for your help. This is the article. Not Your Ordinary Column Collapse

PS. If you have any mysteries of your own that need solving and if you catch me on a good day, I’m your lady!!

red noses

A New View

In response to the weekly photo challenge ‘Atop

A slightly higher view than I’m used to!

I’ve lived in my home for a very long time, but until the recent conversion of the loft rooms I’d never seen the view from the very top of the house, which I believe is some 290 metres above sea level.

File 20-03-2017, 15 56 05

File 20-03-2017, 15 58 39

Following days of waiting for good weather, both photos were finally taken today by my fourteen year old grandson